WMS470 Instrument Set

Professional wireless system

SRP from £510.00 + VAT

WMS470 is a professional multichannel wireless microphone system with pilot tone transmission to prevent unwanted noise. The Instrumental Set includes a PT470 body-pack transmitter in a compact and rugged housing providing supreme audio quality for demanding guitars and e-basses. The space diversity receiver offers both a microphone level and a line level output.

  • The WMS470 instrumental Set package includes:
    UK/EU adapter, 1 x AA size battery, 2 x Antennas, 1 x Belt clip /
  • 1 x SR470 Receiver
  • 1 x PT470 Body-pack transmitter
  • 1 x MKG L Instrument cable
  • 1 x Rack mount kit, 1 x Universal power supply with US
SKU Image Name Colour/description
AKG0835 WMS470 Instrument Set 9U WMS470 Instrument Set 9U Band 9U
AKG1025 WMS470 Instrument Set - Band D WMS470 Instrument Set - Band D Band D