“..a beautifully made and fine-sounding large-capsule condenser….”

Building on the success of the latest studio microphone from AKG, the C214, Music Tech magazine are the first to review the brand new C214 Stereo matched pair.


Realistic stereo recordings require microphones with outstanding performance and excellent quality. They also require performance consistency and accurate localization from the pair of microphones. Therefore, every factory-matched pair of C 214's is created from thousands of individual microphones selected by AKG's sophisticated computer-aided matching method and the result is the highest possible correlation over the whole frequency range and virtually identical sensitivity for stunning, three-dimensional recordings.

“The sonic character is recognisably AKG with little midrange colouration and a discernible 'being there' quality that's enhanced by the very low noise floor.  We also identified an AKG sheen in the high frequencies that's a world away from the cheese-grater trebles of some cheap Chinese condensers, but brighter than the old C414s…”.

“Needless to say, we were impressed with the quality of our stereo test recordings.  Arranged as a coincident pair, the C214s were well-focused and imaged solidly…the C214 does provide a taste of C414 tone at a much more affordable price”.  8/10

To read the full review, pick up the March Issue of Music Tech Magazine Issue 72).  The AKG C214 Stereo Pair is available now at £739 RRP.