“If the D12VR is a serious sound-sculpting tool then the D40 has been built to capture an instrument in the sonic equivalent of a war zone”.

Rhythm akgmics 560

Two AKG microphones are reviewed in Rhythm magazine this month - the D40 dynamic instrument microphone and the the D12VR reference large-diaphragm dynamic microphone.  Both receive the magazine’s ‘Recommends’ award.

“In its unfiltered passive dynamic mode the D12VR puts the kick right at the heart of the mix, giving such a quality sound that the EQ pots remained untouched.  The combination of attack and depth delivers focus and ‘oomph’ in equal parts”.

“While the filter options give the D12VR a throughway modern degree of versatility, the sound it produces as a straightforward dynamic mic is so honest that its a good enough reason to own one”.

“…the D40 is a compact and unpretentious dynamic mic that has been designed to withstand nightly abuse.  Placed over my snare and then each of my toms it certainly provides a healthy signal with no loss in frequencies”.

The full review can be found in the February 2015 issue of Rhythm magazine on sale now.  The AKG D40 and D12VR are also available now at £79 and £299 RRP inc VAT respectively.