GN15 / 30 / 50 E 5 PIN

High-performance modular gooseneck module

SRP from £160.00 + VAT

The GN E 5Pin high-performance gooseneck modules for fixed and mobile installation provide a five-pin XLR connector that allows the audio signal and the control voltage for the LED ring to be fed separately. Thus, the LED ring can be activated remotely by, for example, a logic output from any automatic mixer. The LED ring is extra-large for enhanced visibility.

The DAM Series GN E five-pin gooseneck modules are available in three different lengths: 15cm (6in), 30cm (12in) and 50cm (20in). The gooseneck module fits all DAM Series capsules, CK31, CK32, CK33, CK47 and CK80, via highly reliable contacts.

  • Gooseneck with 5-pin XLR connector module
    for remote control of integrated LED ring
  • Extra-large LED ring indicator
    provides enhanced visible MIC ON/OFF indication
  • Switchable bass rolloff
    for reduction of body noise and proximity effect
  • Extremely rugged gooseneck construction
    for an extra-long life of reliability and stability
  • Highly reliable contacts for capsule modules
    prevent contact problems and ensure extra-long life
Audio Frequency bandwidth20 to 20000 Hz
Recommended Load Impedance6000 Ohms
Powering Interface
Voltage9 to 52 V
Current3 mA
Audio Output
TypeBalanced XLR
Finishmatte dark grey
Dimensions / Weight
Height1490 mm
Diameter20 mm
SKU Manufacturer’s SKU Image Name Colour/description
AKG0571 2765H00400 GN30E 5 PIN GN30E 5 PIN
AKG0573 2765H00410 GN50E 5 PIN GN50E 5 PIN