Which Wash? Our guide to the Martin Professional Wash light family
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Which Wash? Our guide to the Martin Professional Wash light family

Martin are renowned for their amazing range of wash lights, that all benefit from the full colour calibrated technology.

Even though they are all different and have separate purposes, they complement each other throughout the range.

In this guide, we'll take a closer look at the range and the different variations that Martin has on offer to help you understand which may be best for your projects.

The MAC Ultra Wash

The MAC Ultra Wash is the brightest in the wash family, with an output of 63,500 lumens from an 1800-Watt LED source underdrive to 1150 Watts and a mighty 220 mm front lens. It benefits from the same LED light engine as the Ultra Performance, but as it is simply designed to be an incredible wash light, there is nothing in the way to limit the light output, making it an incredibly bright and powerful light.

It includes a powerful feature set, including uniform colour mixing, variable CTO, additional colour and spectral correction filters, motorised frost for a softer field, high resolution dimming and strobing. With a tailor-made light engine and optics designed as one unified system, MAC Ultra Wash excels in keeping output across the zoom range, resulting in an ever-bright wash field. 

With high luminous flux and intensity at narrow zoom angles, MAC Ultra Wash delivers the punch needed for the longest throws and highest trims - no stage or venue is too big for MAC Ultra Wash.

The MAC Encore Wash

The MAC Encore Wash Cold is still a classic light used across many genres, but it does especially well in theatrical environments due to its whisper silent technology and beautiful emulation of a traditional tungsten lamp. It benefits from various dimming curves and tungsten red shift emulation. It also features a pure white LED engine with 6000K CCT.

It also benefits from vibrant CMY colour mixing with a superior palette of colours ranging from rich, saturated primary colours to light and smooth pastel shades. There's also variable CTO—daylight to tungsten CCT control and expansion of the CMY palette that stays true to the black body curve.

The internal barndoor system with two shutter blades and iris, provides a shutter system which can overlap for full blackout and the entire system rotates +/- 100°. It can also repeat cues with great precision. 

The Encore Wash also comes in a warm LED engine with 3000K CCT. It has become the workhorse of theatrical environments, with its ability to emulate so successfully a traditional tungsten lamp through an LED source.

The MAC Aura PXL

The MAC Aura PXL is a multi-source wash light, with a 10,500 lumen output. It benefits from a main beam and a separate aura backlight and also has exceptional zoom control, from 6-59 degrees, which makes it incredibly versatile.

Adding to that versatility is the ability to be able to control the main beam and the aura back light separately and have them doing two different things at the same time. This is where this light comes in to its own, as it can be used as exceptionally attractive eye candy, for instance on a back wall built up or simply along a stage floor to add amazing effects.

It has 19 main beams and 141 aura beams that can all be individually pixel mapped should you so choose. It also has 150 built in effects macros, making it a brilliant choice for multiple applications.

The MAC Aura XIP

Next in the family comes the MAC Aura XIP, designed and built to replace the MAC Aura XB, this new and improved edition of the Aura is the same brightness as the older version, at 6000 lumens, it packs a punch with a zoom range from 6.3- 50.4 degrees and benefits from the fully colour calibrated light engine, leading to amazingly saturated colours and an even wash beam even at narrow zoom.

This light is designed to be an incredible wash light, you can use the main beam and the aura beam separate or together. Used together you get a beautiful even field beam, that can be used as a wash light in theatrical situations. It also has the versatility of benefiting from the backlight aura, which is a new design from the previous Aura XB and is a filament design that can also be pixel mapped. This is especially effective when used for gigs and shows where eye candy is essential and can benefit from its over 200 built in effects macros.

What sets this fixture apart, is its ability to be used across genres indoors and outdoors, thanks to its IP54 rating, meaning it is perfectly suitable for temporary outdoor use. With this technology, the MAC Aura XIP is lightweight and doesn’t require pressure testing after maintenance, making it a great choice for hire houses thanks to its versatility and ease of maintenance.

The ERA 150 Wash

The ERA 150 wash is a small lightweight fixture, but for its size and weight it's a bright and versatile moving head.

It pushes out 3,900 lumens from x7 40-Watt RGBW light engine and is fully colour calibrated using the MAC technology and therefore, benefits from the deep saturated colours you can expect from a Martin fixture.

It has extremely fast pan and tilt and has a zoom range of 4-59 degrees, which is brilliant for such a compact fixture.

It can be used in a variety of applications and small theatres are where it is a most at home, as it can be fitted easily and discretely within the rig and enables complete versatility for a variety of uses from comedy gigs to plays.

The MAC One

The newest wash light to the party is the MAC One. A creative beam wash light with a Fresnel lens, it offers up a custom in house developed 120-Watt RGBL (Red, Green, Blue, Lime) chip. The lime contributes by offering up a higher light quality for CRI, TM-30 and TLCI than RGBW, making it super useful in TV and film applications.

It has a lumen output of 2,500 and alongside the main output it also benefits from a backlight effect which is created by x24 0.25-Watt RGB LED’s.

It is fully colour calibrated using the Martin system and has a wide range of colours from very bright and vibrant saturated colours through to soft pastels and white tones, with a zoom range from 4-27 degrees.

It is a small and lightweight fixture for use in a variety of situations, in part thanks to its clever rigging abilities which bring an ease to its deployment. The Fresnel lens also appeals as a soft edged beam light to theatres, and it is also desired within the TV world, as it has flicker free operation and an adjustable frequency on the LED driver, alongside a separate green, magenta shift channel.

It is ultra quiet, even though it has extremely fast pan and tilt, which is perfect for theatre installations and it also benefits from more than 200 built in effects macros, with control of foreground colour, background colour, speed and direction.

The MAC Viper XIP

And last, but by no means least, is the MAC Viper XIP! 

This fantastic fixture has been a while in the making to replace the beloved Viper and this light has it all. It is the Viper we know and love, but with all the bells and whistles!

The amazing Viper XIP comes in just one version for all situations, meaning although it technically comes under a profile unit (performance unit in Martin terms) as it has framing blades, it can also provide a lovely soft edged wash!

It has an output of 28,000 lumens, matching the old Vipers output, but this is achieved with a 760-watt LED light engine made up of x55 20-watt white LED’s. It has a zoom range of 5.7 – 51 degrees and features full CMY colour-mixing, 2 rotating gobo wheels, a gobo animation wheel with continuous rotation and variable angle.

A choice of either a heavy or light frost add to the wash light quality of the beam.

On top of all of this amazingness, the Viper XIP is also IP54 rated, meaning it is suitable for temporary outdoor use (just like the MAC Aura XIP). You have the flexibility of being able to change a gobo on site wherever you are and then just screw the fixture back together, with no need for pressure testing! This also makes the unit lighter than most IP rated fixtures, it is in fact 2 kgs lighter than the original non IP Viper!

Its versatility makes it the obvious choice for all kinds of applications, from indoor to outdoor, theatre to festivals, the brand new Viper XIP is the one!

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