Quick Guide to the Martin MAC Aura XIP - Indoor and Outdoor Workhorse Wash Light - Overview and Specs
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Quick Guide to the Martin MAC Aura XIP - Indoor and Outdoor Workhorse Wash Light - Overview and Specs

The industry renowned Martin MAC Aura family have always been the go-to workhorse wash fixtures, they are the staple on any tour and can be found in every aspect of the industry, from theatrical to studio, in the UK and globally. The range expanded with the MAC Aura PXL, offering a larger, higher powered fixture with individual pixel control. The PXL has already become a favourite workhorse on a wide range of tours and productions over the past year. Now Martin have introduced the new MAC Aura XIP – the first outdoor capable Mac Aura with numerous optical and functional upgrades on the trusty MAC Aura XB. The MAC Aura XIP is intelligently designed to be perfect for both indoor and outdoor use thanks to a fully sealed design – yet retaining a lightweight design and ultra-low noise operation that makes it equally easy to specify and deploy indoors and out.

In this first look blog, we’re going to take a look at the headline new features on the XIP and explain why they might just make the Aura XIP top of your list when you’re designing your next show!

Optical Refinements

First and foremost the MAC Aura XIP is an exceptional workhorse wash light with all the renowned premium optical and light engine benefits of a MAC Series fixture. While similar to the MAC Aura XB in size and output, the XIP has notable upgrades such as a broader zoom range from 6.3° to 50.4° with a much smoother beam. The XIP beam produces impressively less stray light than an Aura XB.

It also has an optional high CRI / TM-30 / TLCI mode for better rendering of people and costumes in demanding broadcast and theatre applications. An LED frequency control channel removes flicker projection in broadcast applications whilst fine control of white balance including plus/minus green helps to match additional lights and cameras to improve skin tone. And whilst we’re on the topic of white balance, XIP’s CTC ranges from 1000k to 12850k for ultra-warm or cold options.

Specify And Deploy Indoors And Out

MAC Aura XIP’s standout feature is its innovative outdoor-proofing technology. The first fixture in its class to be rated for outdoor use, the XIP can survive harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, sand or ice without issue. And all of the water proofing has been achieved without lumbering the fixture with extra weight/size and without complex re-sealing procedures - meaning the XIP is fully serviceable and natively waterproof after maintenance and reassembly. 

At just 8.95kg, and with ultra-low noise operation, the XIP is designed to be a true workhorse, deployable for the widest variety of applications be they indoors or out.

The XIP recently won an Award for Innovation at PLASA London 2023, with the judges stating that this product has a different, considered approach to IP rating without compromise on weight or output. “With an innovative lens system, it is indeed the first nodding bucket!”

Aura Filament Effect

Aura XIP features 12x RGBW filaments in a striking and distinctive pattern to deliver Martin’s most unique Aura backlight effect to date. The iconic filaments provide unique eye-candy for the audience but can also provide intricate detail when controlled over DMX or with video mapping.

Whilst the Aura can create striking visual effects from the moving head itself, the XIP’s main-beam duties are handled by 7x60w LEDs for a maximum output of 6000 lumens and deliver a smooth and even wash field without stray light and with soft edges at all zoom settings.

Pixel Control

Like the MAC Aura PXL, the MAC Aura XIP features independent pixel control. This is where the Martin P3 software can aid in taking away the heavy impact on DMX universes, allowing full pixel control and hybrid dmx/video amalgamation. With both DMX and Ethernet fail-safe the MAC Aura XIP can be placed in any network infrastructure with confidence.  

Quick Handling And Easy Rigging

MAC Aura XIP is built to be a workhorse with handles on the head and base and Omega bracket attachments for easier handling and quick-rigging whilst still retaining the central rigging point true to the MAC Aura XB. Given its low weight of 8.95kg and small size, the XIP can be mounted effortlessly and in large groups for striking visual effects, intense stage washes, or detailed video mapping.

Other Notable Features

Tungsten emulation

As with the MAC Aura PXL, the Aura XIP has tungsten emulation. Martin are very proud of this effect especially with the red shift at the low end of dimming. (As seen in video at the beginning of this blog!)

Drying Mode 

A drying mode can run up the internal fan of the XIP to help dry electronics prior to packing away.

Battery-Powered Control Panel

The XIP includes a battery-powered control panel on the base for easy fixture addressing in pre-flight.

Flight Case Drainage

The new XIP 6 way flight case features drainage in both the SIP and the case for times when you need to load out quickly.


The XIP features a USB-C port for firmware updates at the fixture. Due to the XIP taking on the more standard display and connector format the USB is a welcomed addition.

Soft Lens Included

The XIP comes with a Soft Lens included, creating a softer edge wash field whilst reducing glare from the fixture lens.

Flight Case & SIP

Soft Lens



Lightweight, compact and silent enough for the most demanding indoor applications, the MAC Aura XIP breaks the barriers of previous workhorse fixtures and is the first in the Aura range to be just at home indoors or outdoors. 

For further information please call Martin UK distributor Sound Technology Ltd on 01462 480000 or email info@soundtech.co.uk

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