Quick Guide to the ELP PAR Static Wash Fixture from Martin
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Quick Guide to the ELP PAR Static Wash Fixture from Martin

Static wash fixtures are the mainstay of the stage. Whilst relatively simple in concept in comparison to a moving head, designing a truly versatile and workhorse static wash fixture presents a deceptively challenging criteria for any lighting company to meet. The best wash fixture is lightweight and easy to deploy quickly yet has enough output power to cover large stages and transform the look/feel of a performance from one scene to the next with powerful and accurate colour. Taking on the task to establish a new standard in static wash fixtures, Martin have introduced the ELP PAR – their latest generation static wash par can with all of the trademarks to become the industry standard.

Full-Gamut Colour Calibration - with MAC Pedigree

Let's start with colour, because the new Martin ELP PAR excels at beautiful and consistent colour rendering.  With its full-gamut colour-calibration system, every ELP PAR has accurate and consistent colour reproduction from fixture-to-fixture for seamless integration of multiple ELP PARs in the same lighting rig. 

With two calibration modes, the ELP PAR’s default colour space is calibrated at factory to avoid the variance in LED colour caused by LED binning during manufacturing – meaning that an ELP PAR bought now will match perfectly to another months down the line. 

In the default mode, the white point is set to 6000k, but the extended colour mode allows for higher colour saturation and a white point set to 10000k for maximum possible lumen output. Combined with the same colour mixing experience as the legendary MAC family, users familiar to Martin’s excellence in this field will feel right at home when setting white balance and operating colour mixing on the ELP PAR.

As well Martin’s unique colour calibration, the ELP PAR also offers advanced colour options including a Colour Temperature Control from 1800k to 12,850k as well as Martin's Tungsten Emulation for that classic warming decay effect that many lighting designers crave and theatres demand.

New LED Engine, 2x Output of RUSH PAR 2

Superceding its predecessor, the best-selling RUSH PAR 2, the ELP PAR features Martin’s latest LED engine offering twice the brightness, and a raft of new features including a wider mechanical zoom range and smart rigging features.

Powered by 7 x 40W RGBW LEDs, the ELP PAR delivers a class-leading, 3500 lumen output for long throw applications and lighting larger stages a with ease whilst maintaining a smooth, soft edge and an even wash field. 

Narrower Intense Beam, Uniform Wide Washes

Alongside the higher output and improved optical performance, the mechanical zoom range of the ELP has increased to offer a narrower 4.2° setting for tight mid-air effects, zooming out to 58° for huge, rich, uniform washes.

Mechanical Excellence, Thoughtful Design

The physical design and ergonomics of the ELP PAR has also been thoroughly researched, developed, and improved from the previous iteration of Martin’s static washes. With multiple enhancements for mounting and deployment including an Omega bracket on the yoke and M12 mounting points. 

Compared to the RUSH Par 2, the ELP PAR now features a standard Par 46 fitting for 3rd party accessories including gel frames, barndoors and more.

Visible angle of projection markers for super-easy recallability and precise positioning show to show. Whilst angled power and data connections on the rear panel allow for neater and less kinky cable runs.

Martin have managed to squeeze-in all of these advanced mechanical and physical features into a fixture that at 7.8kg weighs the same if not less than its competitors.

Theatre Mode, Quick Focus, Scene Capture

With these innovative features alongside the angled power and data connections for neater cable runs, the ELP PAR is a workhorse wash fixture for touring, festivals, corporate events, as well as theatre. In its ultra-quiet theatre mode the ELP Par operates at a whisper-quiet 33dB. 

To further aid with fixture positioning In theatre applications, the ELP PAR also has a ‘Quick Focus’ feature that allows you to manually turns on the fixture to full open white with a narrow zoom setting to allow focusing without the need of a console operator and multiple trips up the ladder! 

There’s also a Scene Capture mode that allows you to store particular looks into the fixture’s memory that will be recalled when the unit is powered up, or if it stops receiving DMX signal.

Compact and lightweight enough for small lighting rigs, but with enough output to wash the largest stages, the ELP PAR from Martin is a premium specification wash fixture that delivers a package punching well above its weight combined with durable engineering and serviceability synonymous with Martin Lighting.

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