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Best training resources for HARMAN's BSS Soundweb and Audio Architect platforms
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Best training resources for HARMAN's BSS Soundweb and Audio Architect platforms

Searching for the best online training resources for BSS and Audio architect? Our Application Team has put together a few of the most useful resources for learning the BSS Soundweb platform and Audio Architect software

1. HARMAN's brand new training portal

Harman’s new training portal is full of product videos, online courses, instructor lead courses, certifications and webinars. It's much easier to use and navigate than the old system, with registration only required for certifications.

We'd recommend you browse through the easily searchable available content but as a starting point, we'd recommend: Suggestions: whole section provided by Audinate on using Dante, Beginners something?

2. Audio Architect Online Help Guide

This is an online version of the Audio Architect Help File - handy to always have bookmarked!

3. HiQnet Audio Architect YouTube channel

Many of these videos via their YouTube Channel are embedded in the training portal, but for a quick reference its useful to have available.

4. BSS YouTube channel

Likewise, with the BSS YouTube Channel, most videos are embedded in the learning portal but again handy to have available.

5. Us!

If you're an installer or integrator in the UK then the Application Team here at Sound Technology can help. In normal times our facilities are a physical training location for Audio Architect courses but these are currently on hold and moved virtually.

If you need any help regarding a Soundweb installation or a potential project that requires audio networking please do call us on 01462 480000 or email