Our guide to JBL Control Contractor accessories including mounting hardware.
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Our guide to JBL Control Contractor accessories including mounting hardware.

In a lot of situations, accessories can make or break a speaker’s chance of making it into your system designs. Whether its to squeeze speakers into tight spots or to provide a more aesthetically pleasing system for the client. JBL control contractor’s range of bracketry accessories provide the ability to slot this fantastic group of highly capable speakers into a vast range of settings. 

Invisiball (included)


Unique to the JBL Control Contractor range, the Invisiball bracket is a simple and ingenious way of mounting speakers to a surface. It provides a high degree of versatility enabling both vertical and horizontal axes providing the ability to point the speaker in a direction from a point, with roughly the same action as rotating your hand around your wrist.  


The ‘invsi-‘ part of the name comes from the fact that the bracket (once attached to the speaker) is actually quite hard to notice. Being tightened to the bracket in the correct position by a JBL specific long hex key (included in the box) through the centre of the speaker (behind the JBL logo), also provides a large degree of security, making it pretty difficult for someone to pinch them off the wall bracket without the right tool and knowhow.

Ceiling Mounts


Also available as an optional accessory is a ceiling mounting kit of the Invisiball style, named MTC-23CM, MTC-25/28CM, MTC-29CM and MTC-30CM for Control 23-1, Control 25-1 or Control 28-1, Control 29/Control 31 and Control 30 speakers respectively.

 This bracket features more of a bent arm and provides a wider degree of angle (when used as a downward-facing bracket) than if the bracket had a straight arm. Sort of like adding an elbow to the hand rotating around your wrist analogy.




If you are looking for the kind of bracket you may be more familiar with, an optional extra available to the JBL’s Control Contractor surface mount range are yolk-type U-brackets. Although the direction of tilt is limited to a single axis, they do provide a little extra in terms of rotation angle, with the cabinet of the speaker not getting caught on the bracket quite so early.




Subs can sometimes be tricky to adapt into certain system designs where aesthetics is key and space is small. To combat this JBL offer a couple of excellent little surface mount subs that really pack a punch. The Control 50 is one of our personal favourites which has already been praised (and quite rightly so) in  previous blogs. Luckily, this plucky little multi-purpose sub can be discretely mounted to the wall with the included  wall plate. This gives you the added option of getting a sub up off the floor and stored away somewhere close to the ceiling with the rest of the surface mount speakers.


The JBL SB2 sub which works nicely with the Control Contractor range also has a couple of handy brackets (MTC-SB2C and MTC-SB2W )to mount the sub to either the ceiling or a wall.  


If you need something with a little extra oomph, the dual 10” SB2210 compact sub also can be mounted to the wall with the u-bracket MTC-210UB.


The SB2210 is usually used in a low impedance circuit, which we would always recommend to achieve the best low frequency results. However, for convenience, it is possible to work this sub into a 100V line system with the MTC-SBT300 100V/70V transformer which installs onto the inside of the back input panel; offering taps at 300W, 150W and 75W at 100V.





Other optional accessories for the JBL control contractor range provide IP rated weatherproofing in the form of weather max grilles and panel covers. These are extensively covered in our weatherproofing and IP rating article here.


The diverse range of accessories available for the Control Contractor series, from brackets, through transformers and weatherproofing kits proves JBL has got you covered when it comes to versatility for your system. Hopefully this run through of attractive and adaptable kit should place JBL Control Contractor high on your consideration list when it comes to install design.