Our Apps Team guide to the JBL Control 60 Pendant Speaker range
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Our Apps Team guide to the JBL Control 60 Pendant Speaker range

Installing speakers into challenging environments is a true art. Vaulted ceilings, glass walls, open architecture; every environment needs its own unique approach to maintain even coverage and maximise the sound quality. For every type of space, JBL produces a problem solving speaker. The Control Contractor series in particular is an eclectic mix of speakers designed for any installer to get the most out of a room whilst remaining sympathetic to the room’s aesthetic and application. From concealed In-Wall speakers to controlled-coverage column speakers to landscape speakers for outdoor applications; one series or a mixture will impart the renowned JBL sound on your biggest nemesis of a space.

In this article we'll take a closer look at JBL's Pendant Speaker range. The Control Contractor 60 Series pendant speakers come in a variety of sizes, with a sub-woofer option - and provide the ideal high quality speaker solution in venues with high ceilings or open-architecture.

Why use a Pendant Speaker?

The primary use of pendant speakers is for high ceiling applications where it would not be efficient or possible to use a standard ceiling speaker. Think high ceilings such as sports halls, the open ceiling architecture of restaurants or shops, the concourses of transport hubs. 

Pendants are very popular in retail (and often used alongside ceiling speakers) where you may have a high ceiling at the entrance and lower ceilings further inside. 

Sometimes pendant speakers are simply used because they can have an effect on the look or feel of a space and fit in with the decor/theme. (We spoke with a hotel who planned to install our white versions sprayed by graffiti artists in their corridors).

JBL Control 60 Series Pendant Speakers  

JBL's pendant speaker range, known as the Control 60 Series, is a great all-rounder for many applications. All feature JBL designed drivers, consistent coverage, and main/redundant adjustable suspension mounting. 

The Control 60 series has a multitude of different options in the range to be mixed-and-matched to achieve the best possible coverage. It is a great choice for paging/public address, speech, background music  - or even foreground applications where the Control 60 pendant Subwoofer can be utilised to add that extra bass extension and higher impact to your audio system.

Key to their performance and size is their coaxial speaker arrangement and JBL’s unique patent-pending RBI waveguide. Using the Radiation Boundary Integrator,  the Contractor 60 series provides seamless coverage between the coaxially-mounted drivers both on and off axis to enable all listeners hear a consistent flat, frequency response around the venue where multiple speakers are being used.

The Control 60 range can be deployed as a large distributed system, with the Control 62 being a 16 Ohm cabinet and the rest of the range having the option to run low impedance or 100V/70V system with tap settings up to 60W and 100W on the pendant subwoofer.

With 7 models in the series, selecting the right version for your environment will help you maximise the available space for your client and their customers. In this guide, we are going to be breaking down the differences between each speaker and explaining in what environment they will shine.

Range Overview

Control 62P

Frequency Response (-10dB): 150 Hz – 20 kHz

Driver(s): 2”

Power Rating: 30w Continuous, 50w Peak

Weight: 0.7kg


The Control 62P is the smallest speaker in the Control 60 range and features a 2” speaker with perfect voicing for speech and mid/high music. Its ultra-compact enclosure is perfect for when you need the speaker to be as small and visually unobtrusive as possible. The 62P is also a perfect match for other speakers in the control range such as the Control 42C in-ceiling speakers and Control 52 on-wall speakers for environments that require different form-factors for even coverage.

Whilst they only have a rating of 30w program, they still feature a wide 140° coverage, and only weigh 700g – so they still cover a large area whilst their weight and size are easily manageable.

The Control 62P’s frequency response is much more suitable for speech than wide-bandwidth sources such as music, however in the right-sized environment and if employed sensibly, they could really fit the bill.

Control 64P/T

Frequency Response (-10dB): 65 Hz - 15 kHz

Driver(s): 4"

Power Rating: 100w Continuous, 150w Peak

Weight: 2.35kg


The Control 64P/T is the most compact and lightweight full-range pendant speaker in the series. Sporting a single 4” driver in a ported enclosure with JBL RBI waveguide, the 64P/T features a wide-bandwidth frequency response with smooth low-end and naturally curtailed high-end that allows it to excel in reverberant environments featuring hard surfaces. It’s not the highest-powered speaker in the range and so for very large spaces, the bigger models may be required, however with a 120° degree coverage angle, it can still satisfy a large area in a small to medium-sized venue.

Control 65P/T

Frequency Response (-10dB): 55Hz - 20 kHz

Driver(s): LF: 5.25", HF: ¾"

Power Rating: 75w Continuous, 300w Peak

Weight: 3.7kg


The Control 65P/T sits directly in-between the 64P/T and larger 67P/T. It features two drivers (a 5.25” LF driver and a ¾" HF tweeter), the same RBI waveguide as the 67P/T, and a slightly wider frequency response for when you need something that sits perfectly in the range in terms of sound, size, and price.  

Control 67P/T

Frequency Response (-10dB): 58 Hz – 18 kHz

Driver(s): LF: 6.5", HF: 1”

Power Rating: 150w Continuous, 300w Peak

Weight: 5.2kg

Just as the Control 62 is a different form factor of the Control 42 and 52, the Control 67 utilises the same design from the Control 47 ceiling speaker and puts it into a pendant form with the same RBI technology and driver design across the 2 models. This could be a great option to combine speakers where venues have varying ceiling heights, keeping the system even and consistent throughout the venue.

The Control 67P/T has a larger 6.5” LF driver and discrete 1” soft-dome tweeter in a coaxial-mounting to provide a wider frequency response, greater LF response, and higher sound output.

The 67P/T also stretches the legs of JBL RBI waveguide technology for extra pattern control and a smoother response between its LF and HF drivers. It is ideal for applications where you want maximum output, or for medium to large venues where you need uniform coverage.


It weighs in at a hefty 5.2kg, however with a complete hanging cable system providing both main and safety suspension using high tensile galvanized steel wire rope, it will remain secure and safe!

Control 67HC/T

Frequency Response (-10dB): 75 Hz – 17 kHz

Driver(s): LF: 6.5", HF: 1”

Power Rating: 150w Continuous, 300w Peak

Weight: 5.2kg

The Control 67HC/T is a unique model in range. It’s called a narrow-coverage pendant loudspeaker which means that the speaker covers a narrow surface-area of the audience on the audience plane. This results in huge benefits when the speaker is mounted high in a tall room as the sound is more concentrated to the floor area and the listeners below, allowing them to hear more of the direct signal and much less of the speakers positioned elsewhere in the venue and the narrow coverage allows installers to position them in a way to minimise sound off the walls to combat the reverberant field within a large room.

Component-wise, the 67HC/T shares much of the same technology as the 67P/T by utilising the same 6.5” driver, 1” tweeter, and physical dimensions. The RBI waveguide on the HC/T variant has a much different design that sits the drivers deeper in the enclosure and guides the audio downwards with a much narrower coverage than the 67P/T (75° as opposed to 120°).

NEW Control 68HP

Frequency Response (-10dB): 52 Hz – 17 kHz

Driver(s): LF: 8", HF: 1”

Power Rating: 500w Continuous, 1000w Peak

Weight: 7.5kg

Complimenting the already super-versatile and varied Control 60 range from JBL, the Control 68HP is a high-output and high-power 8” pendant speaker with up to 1000w peak power handling and the highest output in the range of 120dB SPL (peak). Perfect for larger, more reverberant spaces where high output is required and the fewest speaker installation is desired, the Control 68HP has the largest driver in the range with an 8” Kevlar reinforced woofer alongside a 2” voice coil and 1” compression driver mounted in a Coaxial design resulting in a frequency response of 72Hz to 18kHz (-3dB).

With 110° coverage angle and either 8ohm or 70/100v line compatibility the Control 68HP can be used in larger spaces where consistent sound character is desired across the listening area and includes the same single-point mounting system that makes the whole Control 60 range a favourite in retail, restaurants, hotels, casinos, fitness centres, convention centres, exhibit spaces, conference rooms, atriums, museums, transit depots and other applications with open-ceilings and lively acoustics.

Control 60P/S

Frequency Response (-10dB): 42Hz – 350Hz

Driver(s): 8”

Power Rating: 350w Continuous

Weight: 7.6kg

The Control 60P/S is a slightly different beast when compared to others in the range. Designed to exclusively as a subwoofer, the 60P/S has a single 8” LF driver and a frequency response of 42Hz to 350Hz. It’s also the biggest-boy in the range weighing in at 7.6kg - but it certainly packs a punch for that weight.

A unique feature of the 60P/S is its bult-in passive crossover with up to 4 outputs for other Control 60 speakers. With a built-in LPF set to 125Hz, all the installer needs to do is send a full range signal to the 60P/S and then the crossover will distribute that to either 2 or 4 other speakers for a complete, full-range, system.  

When combined with other speakers in the Control 60 range, the 60P/S is the perfect match for restaurants, retail stores, music cafes, health clubs, theme bars, leisure venues, and other locations where full-range high fidelity foreground/background music systems are required.

In summary, JBL Control Contractor 60 Series Pendant loudspeakers bring renowned JBL sound and outstanding coverage to rooms with difficult acoustics and a particular aesthetic. The diverse line-up, coupled with stylish design, is suitable for a wide variety of applications and decors, from convention and exhibit spaces to atriums, restaurants and retail stores. 

That combined with easy-to-install hanging hardware features and redundant suspension cables with UL listed adjustable-height hangers, makes the Control 60 series a serious contender for your next challenging install.

All models are available for demo at our Hertfordshire demo facility.

For any further information please call Sound Technology's Application Team on 01462 480000 or email info@soundtech.co.uk.