Welcome to our latest #ThisWeek blog! This week is full of excitement - The DOD Rubberneck arrives this week and a large shipment of the ROLI Seaboard Blocks has arrived in the UK! We have our first ever Nord Stage 3 Speedy Tutorial to share with you all, Gator have launched a new line of LED guitar cases and an extra-large pedalboard case to the G-TOUR pedalboard series. Finally read Future Music magazines’ review of the new Soundcraft Ui24R.

As always thanks for reading.

DOD Rubberneck arrives this week

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We are very excited to announce that the brand new DOD Rubberneck Analog Delay Pedal will be arriving this week! 

If you haven't already, then check out our First play video: DOD Rubberneck performance demo

Gator Cases launches new line of LED guitar cases

Gator Cases sets a new standard for the music case industry by releasing a first-in-class series of guitar cases – all featuring an interior LED light fixture. This new line of LED guitar cases are called 'LED Edition', and are available in options for bass and electric guitars.

Gator Cases adds new extra-large pedalboard case to G-TOUR pedalboard series

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Gator Cases is extending its line of G-TOUR Pedalboard cases to include the new G-TOUR PEDALBOARD-XLGW. This extra-large size pedalboard is the largest in its class, with a 34-inch by 17-inch surface area to store a range of pedals.

Future Music magazine review the new Soundcraft Ui24R

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"...it's a great unit that's flexible, easy to use, and given the spec, is priced pretty competitively."

Stage 3 Changing Programs with a foot Pedal

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We are excited to share with you our first Stage 3 Speedy Tutorial - A great new feature on the new Nord Stage 3 is the ability to change Programs using a Foot Pedal. Ideal for quick, uninterrupted changes in the middle of songs or for pit band players.

Large shipment of ROLI Seaboard Blocks has just arrived in the UK

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If you've been waiting for your Seaboard Block from a UK reseller then we have good news! A huge shipment just arrived so your order should be fulfilled within the next days if not already!