Welcome to our latest #ThisWeek blog! This week is all about the videos! Apogee have released a fantastic video titled ‘Making music sound amazing since 1985’, there’s a new #NordSpeedyTutoial out and following on with Nord - Congratulations to Nord user - Sampha on his incredibly well deserved Mercury award last week! Finally make sure you check out our exclusive live sessions entry!

As always thanks for reading!

New Video from Apogee: Making Music Sound Amazing Since 1985

Apogee have released a new video highlighting the history of the company from the original anti aliasing filters to world leading audio interfaces today.

Upcoming exclusive Live Sessions

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Last week we had the pleasure of filming some inredible miusicians for an upcoming Live Sessions video. Gabriel Piers-Mantell  on keys, Freddy Sheed on drums, Diego Rodriguez on bass. We can't wait to share the videos, the musicianship is simply stunning!

Mean while check out our previous Sound Technology Sessions here - Exclusive Sound Technology Sessions

Congratulations to Nord user Sampha!

We were excited to see Sampha win an incredibly well deserved (IMHO!) Mercury award last week for his debut album 'Process'. He is a Nord user, playing an Electro 5 HP.

Nord Speedy Tutorial: How to use the Shift Button on a Nord Lead A1

The Shift Button is a very important button on all Nord keyboards. In the latest of our weekly Speedy Tutorials you can see how it is utilised on the Lead A1.