The Best Teenage Engineering OP-1 Tutorials, Reviews and Demos
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The Best Teenage Engineering OP-1 Tutorials, Reviews and Demos

The teenage engineering OP-1 has been around for nearly a decade, but to many it's still a bit of a mystery machine. What does it do? How does it work? What does it sound like? What's that cow all about!?

There is plenty of amazing content out there that covers all the functionality, the synth engines, the fx, sampling and the workflow of the OP-1. So, alongside Our Guide to the OP-1, we decided to collate some of our favourites from YouTube into one place for you to explore and enjoy.

teenage engineering

Of course, we start out with content from the creators themselves. The OP-School Series hosted by Tobias von Hofsten gives a straightforward overview of the OP-1 in easy to digest sections. teenage engineering also share content from other creators on a regular basis, so be sure to follow their channels

Red Means Recording

Jeremy Blake, aka Red Means Recording is one of the top content creators for electronic instruments on YouTube. He's made a tonne of videos featuring the OP-1, where he creates entire songs from the very start through to the final result. Some of his more recent OP-1 videos are in more of a tutorial format, and go into greater detail about how it all works.

True Cuckoo

Cuckoo's quirky presentation style brings electronic instruments to life. His approach to his overview videos are much more relaxed and at times a bit mad! The OP-1 features in a lot of his early stuff, and it still pops up from time to time - usually for firmware updates or new sample packs that he creates.

Andrew Huang

Andrew Huang is another talented YouTube musician that features the OP-1 a lot in his work. He regularly releases gear reviews, vlogs and demos with an abundance of energy and straightforward explanation. He also has a secondary channel - SUTURE SOUND - which features more 'no-talking' demonstrations and music.

More Channels that feature the OP-1

As there are so many channels out there to feature in this blog, here's a quick list of some other content creators to check out.

Dawless Jammin'


Brad Tennant


Yuri Wong


UK Retailers

We hope you've enjoyed this content as much as we have. If we've missed any OP-1 gems, please let us know and we'll add it to our watch list!

Check out Our Guide to the OP-1 on our Musician's Blog for a more in depth article. 

You can also find more information about teenage engineering on our brand page

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