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The Best Nord Wave 2 Tutorial Videos, Demos and Reviews
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The Best Nord Wave 2 Tutorial Videos, Demos and Reviews

The Wave 2 was launched at the top of 2020 and is Nord’s most powerful and versatile synthesizer to date. 

We’ve put together some of the best videos and tutorials out there so, if you are in the market for a new polysynth, then look no further.

Bonners Music

Tony at Bonners Music is an exceptional keys player and an excellent demonstrator. His run-through of the features of the Wave 2 is both informative and practical from a musical perspective and really show off its capabilities. Well worth a watch:

Andertons – Keyboard Corner

This video from Jack Duxbury at Andertons Music is brilliant. It is brilliant because it is a complete in-depth demo of the Wave 2. The idea of starting to create a sound from absolute scratch and go through every function on the keyboard is daring and may sound a little daunting, but Jack always makes it entertaining as well as interesting. 

So, if you really want to know all about the Wave 2 in detail, then this is the video to watch. Make yourself a coffee, sit in a comfy chair and hit the link below:

Sound On Sound Wave 2 review by Robin Bigwood

Sound On Sound magazine is top of the pile when it comes to music publications. Its reputation is based on its expert journalists providing first class, honest reviews on all the latest gear available. So, when you get a great review like this on the Wave 2, it is something to shout about:

Sound Technology In-Depth guide to the Wave 2

Yes, this is one of ours, but it is another great resource if you are interested in the Wave 2. This is a written guide, rather than a full demo, but it incorporates a lot of our Speedy Tutorials and sound demos of the many features of the Wave 2 as well. So, you get the best of both worlds here:

Andertons – Keyboard Corner – sounds only

So, if you just want to hear the Wave 2 in action with no talking and no tutorial, then let’s go back to Jack. Put your headphones on and listen to what this synth can do:

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