The Best Nord Stage 3 Video Tutorials, Demos and Reviews
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The Best Nord Stage 3 Video Tutorials, Demos and Reviews

The Stage 3 has been around for a couple of years now and has become the workhorse for many gigging musicians. 

We thought we would compile some videos together just to show you why so many people use this instrument and what it is all about!

Andertons – Keyboard Corner

Jack Duxbury at Andertons Music is a legend when it comes to demoing keyboards and he makes no secret that he is a big Nord fan. In this video, filmed at the launch of the Stage 3, he is joined by UK Nord Product Specialist Rob Wallace who takes him through all the new features on the keyboard. As Andertons say – “prepare to be amazed!”

Dave Tench – MD for The Voice UK, and top session player

This is another more recent video from Andertons but is a bit of a departure for them. Rather than a product demo, this is more of an interview with the incredibly talented and all-round great guy Mr Dave Tench. He talks to Jack about how he uses the Stage 3 in his work set up and he also reveals loads of tips and tricks too. On top of that, he uses the new Wave 2 synthesiser too. So two Nord products in one – a brilliant video to watch:

My Keys to Music tutorials

There are loads of tutorials out there on the Nord product range - including our own Speedy Tutorial videos which you can view here!

However, US-based Marc Larochelle has a YouTube channel dedicated to Nord instruments and has a wealth of in-depth tutorials and training courses that we think would be really useful for anyone wanting to know more about Nord’s capabilities or to get the most out of their Nord keyboard:

Pete Lee – session musician

So, what is the Stage 3 like in a working environment? Here is one of our own produced videos, interviewing Pete Lee at The Roundhouse in London, prior to going on stage with Tom Walker. He discusses how he became a session player but also shows how he integrates the Stage 3 in his live setup. Some great live footage of the Stage 3 in action here too:

Gabriel Piers-Mantell – Sound Session series

Gabe is a top session player and MD, having worked with Ward Thomas, John Newman, Mel C and many others and his Stage 3 is his trusted keyboard he uses for all his gigs and recordings. But he is also a composer as well. He came into Sound Technology to be filmed for our Sound Session series playing some of his original compositions. 

All are great so please check out his other songs in the session too. But we picked this one, “The Weight” because it has a great rhythm and it highlights Gabe seamlessly flipping between different sounds as he plays, either by using a pedal or simply pressing a button, showing how versatile and hands-on the Stage 3 can be in a live situation:

Where to Buy the Nord Stage 3 in the UK

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