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The Best Nord Piano 4 Tutorial Videos, Demos and Reviews
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The Best Nord Piano 4 Tutorial Videos, Demos and Reviews

The Piano 4 is the latest incarnation of the Nord Piano range. It is aimed at the player who wants great, realistic piano sounds, a dynamically sensitive keybed, and a simple to use front panel. Here is our pick of great reviews and demos of the Piano 4.

Bonners Music

Tony at Bonners gives another great review, this time on the Piano 4. He clearly demonstrates how easy the Piano 4 is to use and his playing abilities really show off all the amazing piano sounds you can get out of this instrument.

Andertons – Keyboard Corner – 88 note blindfold challenge

Jack Duxbury at Andertons Music is such a great demonstrator. But here, he takes a back seat and lets Daniel Bingham, aka D-Bingerz, do all the playing. This is an unusual demo as it isn’t about features – it is about sound and playability. 

That is why we love this video as it totally gets across what Nord keyboards are all about – the sound of their pianos and the way they feel when they are played. Just check out the reactions of Dan when he plays the Nord for the first time. Feel free to watch the whole video but, if you just want to jump to the Nord sections, they are @11.44 and 18.50

PianoMan Chuck – “Why I bought the Piano 4”

PianoMan Chuck is a no-holds barred American keyboard player and reviewer. He is a real character (but the world needs people like Chuck, doesn’t it) and he has had years of experience playing acoustic and electric pianos, so he really knows his stuff. By his own admission, he doesn’t buy any of the instruments he reviews but, hear in his own words, why the Piano 4 was an exception:

Marcus Byrne – session musician Take That

The Take That piano sound is all Nord. Gary Barlow is a massive Nord user but, obviously, when they are touring he is mainly performing rather than playing. In this video, we interviewed session keyboard player and Nord user, Marcus Byrne on stage at the O2 during mix check for Take That’s 2018 ‘Odyssey’ tour. 

Here he shows how the Piano 4 is used in the ‘pop world’ as the backbone for the tour, explains why he loves the Nord piano samples and plays some of the sounds he uses for many familiar Take That songs.

Melissa Jacobson – Beethoven Moonlight Sonata

Here is the Piano 4 being used in a classical performance, taken from the Nord Classical Session Series featuring the gifted Swedish concert pianist Melissa Jacobson-Velandia. This truly shows the sound of the Piano 4 as well as how it’s triple sensor keybed responds to even the most sensitive of touches. 

This also shows the optional wooden stand for the Piano 4. If you like this, then check out the other pieces in the Classical Session series:

The Chris Maene Collection - samples of Mozart and Beethoven piano reproductions

We thought we would slip this one in too, off of the back of the previous video. If you are a classical pianist and are looking at the Piano 4, then the Chris Maene collection may be of particular interest to you.

Chris is based in Belgium and specialises in building reproductions of original pianos, such as Mozart’s Fortepiano or Beethoven’s Thomas Broadwood Fortepiano. When Nord heard about this, they asked if they could sample them for their Piano Library, hence the Chris Maene collection.

These piano samples are free to download but are already included in the Piano 4 as standard. So, if you would like to play a piece of Mozart or Beethoven and hear how it would have sounded when it was first composed, then the Pinao 4 will give you that experience and that sound. More info and demos can be found below.

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