The Best DigiTech TRIO+ Video Tutorials, Reviews and Demos
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The Best DigiTech TRIO+ Video Tutorials, Reviews and Demos

The DigiTech TRIO+ has been a favourite amongst many guitarists looking to get some practice in at home or develop and craft their song ideas without having to rely on other musicians (which is a bit of a task in itself!). 

Called the ‘Band Creator + Looper’, it does just that – it writes its own drum and bass parts that automatically fit around the chord progression that you teach it. Simply select a genre, select a style, teach it your guitar part, et viola – music! 

But how good can that sound? What can it do in the hands of different guitarists? How versatile and authentic sounding can it really be? Well, we decided to collate some of our favourite demo videos from YouTube into one page for you to explore and enjoy! 

Retailer Overview Videos


How does the TIRO+ perform in the hands of some of the best guitar internet personalities out there? Well in this video, session guy/touring pro Pete Honore and industry legend Mick Taylor take the TIRO+ for a spin at Andertons HQ. Being tone hounds and traditional pedal purists, Pete and Mick had never encountered anything like TRIO+ before, but they were making music and jamming with it in no time. 

Pro Guitar Shop 

Perhaps one of the vastest resources our there for guitar pedal demos, Pro Guitar Shop is the go-to place to find demos about any guitar pedal that has piqued your interest. In this video, Andy takes a simple blues pattern and goes from zero to guitar hero within the first 30 seconds of the video - demonstrating just how fast it is to get up, running, and writing with the TRIO+. He then breaks down the core features of the TRIO+ and shows off the various other styles and genres available. 



Using TRIO+ As a Practice Tool

Not all guitarists need TRIO+ to write songs and not all guitarists need a band in box – they may already have one in real life! For those guitarists, the TRIO+ instead is an amazing practice tool. These videos focus specifically on how to utilise the TRIO+ at home to develop your chops! 

Sound Technology 

That Pedal Show 

Less Talking, More Playing Videos

Fed up with talking and just want to get stuck straight in and hear how it sounds? We don’t blame you. These videos get straight to the point – less talking, more playing. 

Sound Technology


When we got our hands on the TRIO+, we wanted to do something a little bit different. We knew that the TRIO+ was aimed at musicians playing live, but given that many guitarists chose to use acoustic guitars live, how will the TRIO+ behave in that scenario? 

In this video, Elliott puts together a song using just the TRIO+ and an acoustic guitar and then breaks down each steps and loop in the process in a step-by-step tutorial – but don’t panic, there’s no voice over, it’s all about how it sounds. 

Sound Technology 

In-Depth Demos

If you prefer to dive headfirst and go in-depth with your demo videos, we have some marathons just for you! First up with have over an hour of Henning Pauly from EytschPi42 for you to watch. Known for his long and in-depth reviews, Pauly gives you a candid rundown of TRIO+’s features in his typical style! 


Next up we have a video series for you to check out from ‘The Pedal Guy’. In this series, each of TRIO+’s features are broken down into bitesize chunks from simple to advanced topics such as FX loops, tempo matching, as well as FAQs from the comments section which may be a great way to get your questions answered by a community of other TRIO+ users! 

This is a great playlist that you can keep coming back to when you are ready to learn more! 

The Pedal Guy 

Full playlist available here

That just about rounds up some of our favourite TRIO+ YouTube videos! There are tons of other great videos out there showing off how versatile the TRIO+ can be in your setup so be sure to do some more homework once you’ve worked your way through this! 

Thank you for taking the time to read our guide to the DigiTech TRIO+. For more information on DigiTech, please visit our brand page.

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