SSL Fusion & The Bus+: A Powerful Mixing Combo
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SSL Fusion & The Bus+: A Powerful Mixing Combo

The Bus+ and Fusion from Solid State Logic make a powerful combo at the end of any signal chain. The Fusion - a stereo analogue colouration tool kit and The Bus+ - every flavour of SSL Bus compressor that you can imagine. Together, they give you an analogue processing power house for mastering stems and mixes alike.


Fusion is Solid State Logic's stereo analogue colouration tool. It has six unique audio processing circuits designed to add some 'mojo' to stems and mixes. These include - Vintage Drive, Violet EQ, High Frequency (HF) Compressor, Stereo Image, Transformer and a hidden Listen Mic Compressor. These individual circuits can be seamlessly switched in or out depending on what extra flavour your audio needs. 

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The Bus+

The Bus+ is Solid State Logic's answer to those who want the sound of the famous bus compressor, and then some! From the clean, punchy characteristic of the 9K version, through to the crunch & grit found in the 4K version - The Bus+ covers a serious amount dynamic processing styles. There are 4 compression modes to choose from, including mid & side compression. There's also options for Low THD, 4K with variable saturation, Feedback compression behaviour, Dynamic EQ and more! The Bus+ is a very versatile unit, perfect your stems and for mixes.

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In Combination

The Bus+ and Fusion make a fantastic combination of elements for finishing off stems & mixes. The Fusion has a convenient insert point on the back, which allows you to immediately connect them together. What's more, the insert point can be fully bypassed, and it can be switched in the signal chain between pre/post EQ.

Where To Buy

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