Solid State Logic Fusion - Stereo Analogue Colouration Tool
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Solid State Logic Fusion - Stereo Analogue Colouration Tool

This year marks 5 years of Fusion from Solid State Logic. To celebrate this milestone, Fusion now has a lower retail price.

This stereo analogue processor has quickly become a "must have" for your signal chain - considered by many as the secret analogue sauce to complete your mix. 

It has 6 unique circuits, purposely designed to add to colour to stereo mixes and stems within the hybrid studio environment. It brings the perfect combination of elements to add tonal character, weight and space to your audio with the warmth and finesse of analogue hardware.

Where to Buy

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Features of Fusion

Vintage Drive

A unique non-linear harmonic enhancement circuit that brings cohesion and strength to your mix. Drive and Density controls interact to produce harmonic saturation and soft compression derived from overloading an analogue circuit. It can be used lightly for subtle thickening saturation or driven hard for more extreme distortion.

The Violet EQ

An all-new minimum phase-shift, two-band shelving EQ. The first new SSL analogue EQ circuit for more than 25 years draws on the SSL legacy of carefully selected frequencies and response curves to create a musical and intuitive EQ designed to quickly dial in low-end weight and high-end sheen. High and Low frequency circuits each offer four switched frequency points and +/-9dB attenuation.

High Frequency Compressor

A new High Frequency Compressor delivers the distinctive sound of high frequency rounding in the analogue domain. A compressor that effects high frequencies only, optimised for smooth and transparent harshness reduction and a tape-like high-frequency roll off – great for taming brittle high frequency fizz.

Full Band Listen Mic Compressor

The SSL R&D team have something to tell you... To celebrate the launch of Fusion at AES New York back in 2018 and to thank existing and future Fusion users, SSL R&D team have unveiled a secret hidden 6th processor available in ALL Fusion's. To access the hidden 6th LMC processor - hold down the HF Compressor ‘in’ button for 5 seconds and unlock full band LMC mode. X-Over becomes a wet/dry parallel mix control!

Stereo Image

A new Stereo Image enhancer provides a true analogue Mid-Side circuit that manipulates the Side signal, allowing for widening and spatial manipulation of the stereo field.


A switched, custom-designed SSL Transformer circuit introduces subtle low-frequency saturation, alongside a high-frequency phase-shift. The result is a simultaneous thickening of the low-end and an added sparkle to the high-end.

Flexible Insert Point

Alongside the 6 colouration tools, Fusion also has an insert point within its signal path to add further processing to your signal chain. This can switch position to insert before or after Violet EQ, and it also has an Mid-Side mode for alternate processing options.

Fusion & The Bus+

The Bus+ and Fusion from Solid State Logic make a powerful combo at the end of any signal chain. The Fusion - a stereo analogue colouration tool kit and The Bus+ - every flavour of SSL Bus compressor that you can imagine. Together, they give you an analogue processing power house for mastering stems and mixes alike.

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