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ROLI Interview with Marius de Vries - Musical Director of La La Land
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ROLI Interview with Marius de Vries - Musical Director of La La Land

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The appearance of the Seaboard GRAND in La La Land was down to the influence of the film's musical director, Marius de Vries. In the film, the GRAND features on stage as a solo instrument at the hands of Ryan Gosling's character Sebastian. Despite it's brief appearance in the spotlight, audiences were keen to discover what this mysterious black keyboard was and where it came from. In an interview with ROLI, Marius describes how the Seaboard GRAND came to feature in the film.

“We knew Seb was going to play a spectacular keyboard solo, and we wanted it to feel a little futuristic and stylized. A Moog would have felt retro, a keyboard controller boring. And I was just beginning my own love affair with the Seaboard. So it was around in the studio and caught Ryan's eye.

 Then I just had to persuade Damien Chazelle [the director]. I had Ryan practice on it, and just set it up on the stage on the day of the shoot. Damien walked over and gave me a little smile and said 'ok.' And that was that.”

The Seaboard range has played a larger role in Marius' work, having first captured his attention when ROLI released the GRANDback in 2013. The award-winning composer works with the Seaboard GRAND, RISE and Block, as well as a whole host of other electronic instruments and software.

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