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PO-COMBOS - Which Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators Sound Best Together?
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PO-COMBOS - Which Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators Sound Best Together?

In need of a little help when it comes to pairing up Pocket Operators, or wondering where to start? We've got you covered!

With 9 Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators to choose from, how do you know which one is going to be right for you? Furthermore, which combination would sound best together? Welcome to the world of the small, but mighty, Pocket Operators! Packed full of fun and studio-quality sound, these ultra-portable machines are not only affordable, but are also compatible with all other music gear, as well as others from the PO range.

Let's rewind a little, you've just purchased your first Pocket Operator (congrats!), and after an hour of mind-boggling fun, you soon realise that one is simply not enough. With 8 more to choose from, you ask yourself, which pocket operator should I buy next? Which combination would work for me? Well let's find out!

From the solid drum samples of the renowned PO-12 rhythm, to the unique and creative voices of the PO-35 speak, we've put together a Teenage Engineering 'Super Series' to demonstrate which PO's sound best together. PO-COMBOS is a dedicated series featuring all 9 Pocket Operators, giving you a great insight into the sound of each PO and their compatibility with one another. Throughout all 3 series, we hope to share with you informative videos on which sounds can be achieved using various PO combinations. 

Although we only combine certain PO's in our series, don't feel limited to which ones you can combine yourself. The PO range was designed to allow creativity to flourish by simply using one by itself, or by matching several, the choice is yours!

If you ever need to find out more about the entire PO range, be sure to head over to our dedicated PO Range Guide by tapping the image below.

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