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Our Top 5 SSL 2/2+ Video Tutorials, Reviews and Demos
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Our Top 5 SSL 2/2+ Video Tutorials, Reviews and Demos

The SSL 2 and SSL 2+ took the world by storm when they were announced in January this year. Offering the impossible SSL sound at home studio prices, the excitement and buzz around these interfaces was immense – and so was the amount of content published online to coincide with their launch! 

A YouTube search brings up pages, and pages of results for you to sink your teeth into, however, if you want a shortlist of some of the most in-depth or unique product videos for these audio interfaces, you have come to the right place! 

In this blog, we decided to collate our top 5 SSL2 and SSL2+ videos from YouTube into one page for you to explore and enjoy! In no particular order, here they are! 

Want to get stuck straight into the sound samples? We don’t blame you! These videos below are straight up, audio examples of how the SSL2 and 2+ can capture your instruments in your studio. 

There is nowhere to hide when you record acoustic instruments. Recording them puts the preamps and circuitry under the microscope and in this video from SSL, they use the interfaces to capture vocals and acoustic guitar – showing off the preamps and their Legacy 4k button. 

Jay Flemming Music

Okay, there is a bit of talking in this one, but Jay Flemming Music takes you through an entire track that was recorded and processed using SSL2/2+ and its vast bundled software. We think the result speakers for itself! 

Ola Englund 

Play guitar and wondering if the SSL 2 and 2+ could work for you? Well Ola England focuses on just that for his review and puts it through its paces from the eyes of recording guitarist. 

PMT Online

One of the UK's largest resellers, Sam from PMT takes a look at the features of the SSL 2/2+ together with live recording demos.

Vintage King

Being one of the biggest dealers in the US, Vintage King have a great YouTube channel with a high production value and a plethora of content available from a range of products. If you want to hear the SSL2 and 2+ in action during recording and mixing an entire track, then Vintage King has a great video of the audio interfaces in action! 

Sound Technology

Would you rather just get a quick and to-the-point overview of the audio interfaces? Well, In this video, we talk about the feature set of the two interfaces and give you a close-up look! 

That just about rounds up some of our favourite SSL2/2+ YouTube videos! There are tons of other great videos out there comparing the SSL2 and 2+ against other popular interfaces on the market, and so once youve given these a watch, search on YouTube yourself to find out more information! 

Thank you for taking the time to read our guide to the SSL 2 & 2+. For more information on SSL, please visit our brand page.

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