Our Guide to the JBL EON ONE Pro
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Our Guide to the JBL EON ONE Pro

The EON range has been a mainstay of JBL’s powered speaker offering for a number of years. Historically following more traditional formats; the EON range has recently seen a new form emerge, the Linear Array. The EON ONE Pro is the latest in this format and features a number of key differences when compared to its brother, the EON ONE.

Line array systems are not something that is new, but it is certainly an area in which JBL have more expertise than most. JBL’s flagship VTX line array systems can be seen at world-renowned venues and festivals such as KOKO in Camden, all the way across the pond to Rock in RIO, Brazil where they deployed 222 line array boxes to satisfy 600,000 music fans. All of that technology and passion trickles its way down to the EON ONE range.

What Does Line Array Technology Mean For You?

Well it means that your sound will travel further in an open space; you can more easily control your sound to avoid obstacles such as low ceilings or beams in smaller spaces; and your sound will reach more people standing to the side of the system (100° to the side to be precise) when compared to traditional Point-source speakers (80-90°). To do this, the EON ONE Pro employees six 2” drivers for Mid and High frequencies positioned in an arc shape as well as an 8” Bass unit to power the low end. 

Portability is King

EON ONE set a standard for power and portability; the EON ONE Pro takes portability to new heights. First and foremost, compared to the EON ONE,  the EON ONE Pro has been on a diet. The size of the enclosure as well as the column containing the array has lost any excess to sport a lighter and more manageable frame. Whilst a reduction of materials and external dimensions is always welcomed, this weight saving has been done to make some room for something else. 

The EON ONE Pro features an extended-life, lithium-ion battery to provide up to 6 hours of playtime for when you are busking or playing in places where wall-sockets aren’t an option. 

Corporate events and weddings require you to be mobile and be able to play wherever the client requires, and so being able to up-sticks and move around the venue with no cords attached is a huge advantage; perfect for making the most of the weather for example.

8ch Mixer With EQ, Reverb and Bluetooth Streaming:

The original EON ONE is a true all-in-one PA system featuring a basic mixer facility on the top panel; the EON ONE Pro expands upon that standard by incorporating a little bit more of everything. 4 mic inputs with switchable phantom power and Hi-Z options means that there are enough mic inputs for a couple of guitars or vocal mics as well as a basic rhythm section. 2 separate stereo inputs as well as Bluetooth streaming allows connectivity for stereo playback, keyboards or backing tracks via bluetooth.

As well as Bass, Treble and Reverb controls per channel, the EON ONE Pro also features a few extra output options such as a monitor output and an XLR Pass thru connector to allow a sum of the internal mixer to be sent to another EON ONE / ONE Pro for stereo operation, or to a seperate monitor wedge. 

Small Dims, Same Spec: 

Performance-wise, the EON ONE Pro shares the same specs as the EON ONE at 118db Max SPL and 100° x 50° coverage despite its reduced external dimensions. Other notable additions to the EON ONE Pro include a GoPro mount at the top of the line array module for capturing your legendary performances as well as a neat iPad stand integrated into the handle; perfect for displaying your setlist or lyrics. You can also charge your device using the built-in USB charging port.

How does it sound?

It's difficult to explain the sonic characteristics of a speaker without being able to hear it, but the EON ONE Pro exhibits all of the technical specifications that enable it to be at home in any live setup. The EON ONE Pro produces low frequencies all the way down to 45Hz (@-3dB) using a very lightweight and small-diameter 8" driver in an advanced bass-reflex enclosure. The high-end is dealt-with by 6 x 2" HF drivers positioned in a 'D-shaped' arc; spreading the 250w class-d power-load between multiple drivers as well as spreading the sound throughout the venue. The HF extends to 18kHz which is enough to provide enough sheen for any premixed material as well as provide extended frequency response for line or Hi-z instruments.

The best way to hear how the EON ONE Pro sounds is to get to your local dealer and give it a blast! Don't forget, with the bluetooth streaming feature, you can play your favourite and most recognisable reference tracks though the unit directly from your phone or tablet. 

Overall, the JBL EON ONE Pro is a giant leap forward in power and portability for gigging musicians and DJ’s alike. By combining the sound quality established with the EON ONE with the flexibility of being battery powered, the EON ONE Pro is sure to be a product that will not only allow a musician to play more often, but also play in more imaginative environments - no cords attached.

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