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Our Guide to the JBL EON ONE Compact
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Our Guide to the JBL EON ONE Compact

The EON range from JBL is a series of products synonymous with power, portability, and price by offering quality PA solutions for musicians, engineers, and installations.

Since its introduction in 1995, the EON range began as a traditional,  2-way powered FOH and monitor speaker until the EON One was released - the first small-format linear array system in JBL’s catalogue.

This latest offering, the EON One Compact, combines the most tech seen in an EON product squeezed into one of its smallest and most portable housings. It’s an all-in-one personal PA with a full digital mixer, complete wireless control, and 12 hours of battery life. It also packs a punch for its size with an 8-inch woofer, 112dB SPL output, as well as a wide 100° x 60° coverage pattern to ensure it’s perfectly suited in any environment as a floor monitor or traditional FOH speaker. 

There’s a lot more to this powerful little speaker than meets the eye! Let’s take a dive into the main features.

Complete Digital Mixing

Perhaps the standout feature of the EON ONE Compact is the complete wireless control of its on-board digital mixer. There are 2x Mic/Line inputs (with Phantom Power), 1x Hi-Z input, and a stereo playback input - all 5 of which can be controlled via Bluetooth using dedicated apps for iOS/Android devices.

Moving control onto the app not only provides access to control levels for all of the mixer channels but also allows access to the on-board professional DSP FX & Processing. These include Reverb, Chorus, Delay, and 6-band fully-parametric EQ’s for every input. If that wasn’t enough already, there is also an 8-band EQ on the main output to tailor your overall sound.

The JBL Compact Connect App can control up to 4 EON ONE Compacts for more advanced configurations and you can also store snapshots of all mix settings for instant recall of setups/scenarios from venue to venue.

There are also digital encoders on the speaker itself to allow anyone to adjust levels, EQ, and Reverb on the go without having to access their device for wireless control, but when wireless control is available, the musicians have more options than ever before by accessing the more advanced EQ processing for input channels and room tuning. There is even a headphone output to allow the user to monitor the signal in a silent environment - perfect for practising.

One of the more advanced features on the JBL EON ONE Compact is automatic Ducking.  When audio is detected on the speech channel, the level of all the other channels is reduced. In a real-world situation, you could have audio passing through the speaker via Bluetooth streaming but when the mic on channel one is used for announcements, the Bluetooth audio is automatically lowered in volume for the duration of the announcement - it’s a great way to ensure everyone heard your every word!

JBL Compact Connect App

Connecting to the EON ONE Compact via Bluetooth could not be easier. First, download and install the JBL Compact Connect app from the App Store for iOS or Play store for Android. Once installed, engage Bluetooth on the speaker itself by pressing and holding the Bluetooth key until it begins flashing and then open the Bluetooth settings of your device, pair with the available EON ONE Compact, and launch the Compact Connect app.

If multiple speakers are available for control, then you can connect up to 4 EON ONE Compacts by using the “link” button on the home screen. You can then link the volume controls of the available EON One Compacts by assigning a Host device as well as slave devices to follow the host’s volume. You can also assign ‘listening modes’ to each speaker and decide whether each one will receive the L, R, or mono sum of the Bluetooth streaming.

Built-In Battery

The key attribute that makes the EON ONE Compact so compact is its built-in battery. With up to 12-hours of battery life and a quick tool-less battery swap feature, EON ONE Compact can be positioned effortlessly and perform in any environment with access to all features whilst being powered from the battery. 

When it is time for recharging, EON ONE Compact can fully recharge in 2.5 hours or recharge whilst being in use from mains power. Not only can EON ONE Compact perform whilst on battery power, it can also charge your available devices with two 5v USB 3.0 ports for high-speed charging of external devices (Port 1= 5v, 1A, Port 2=5v, 2A).

For Live Entertainment And More

Weighing in at 8kg and measuring 399mm (H) x 255mm (W) x 291mm (L), the EON ONE Compact is perfect not only for live entertainment, but also fitness classes, sporting events, and education. With its simple user interface and bluetooth streaming, the EON ONE Compact is easy to operate and reliable in real-world conditions with enough power to cover large spaces both indoors and outdoors.

EON ONE Compact features best-in-class frequency response down to 37.5Hz, 112dB SPL, and a custom 8” driver with 150w of power voiced to allow EON ONE Compact to excel in any environment. There’s also a pole mount for traditional FOH mounting, a neat iPad stand when used in bluetooth streaming, as well as plenty of handles for a strong grip when travelling.

Pairing Multiple EON ONE Compacts

In spaces where more sound coverage is needed, multiple EON ONE Compact’s can be used together to stream music to multiple locations. Up to four EON ONE Compacts can be connected to broadcast Bluetooth audio in multiple configurations including all Mono or a mixture of stereo L & R to suit the application and environment.

Pairing multiple EON ONE Compacts together could not be simpler using the dedicated BT Broadcast function in the Compact connect app.

Overall, the EON ONE Compact takes the portable range of EON products to a level of tech integration that has never been seen before. By combining all of the digital mixing capabilities with the acoustic properties of a tried and tested JBL design, the EON ONE Compact is the most portable addition to the portable range of EON products.

JBL Compact App | Free Digital Mixer Controller App for the JBL EON ONE Compact (iOS & Android)

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