Our Guide to the JBL EON 700 Series Portable PA Family
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Our Guide to the JBL EON 700 Series Portable PA Family

The EON PA series has been around for quite some time now, and for good reason! The EON name is associated with some of the best portable PA speakers on the market, representing innovation and technology since the mid 1990s! Fast forward to the present day and this still rings true. The EON 700 series is a culmination of the cutting-edge acoustic science, transducer designs, cabinet materials and advanced DSP. Delivering you a range of 4 speaker models that are easy to use, light weight and professional sounding.

In this guide to the JBL EON 700 series, we take a closer look at what makes this PA family so exceptional.

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Acoustics & Amplifier

The loudspeakers in the EON 700 range are designed with power & clarity in mind. Since the previous EON 600 series, improvements have been made to bring the speakers up to the next level.  

The woofers have been refined for lower impedance & higher efficiency, providing your low frequency power and punch - up to 128dB down to 45Hz. The higher frequencies are emitted from JBLs powerful 2414H compression driver (except of course for the subwoofer model). In combination with the advanced waveguide, the sound emitted is far more uniform, no matter where you are in the audience. This is all powered by an ultra-efficient discrete Class D amplifier putting out up to 1300W, or 1500W if we’re talking about the subwoofer.

Advanced DSP & Control

Under the hood, the EON 700 series speakers have extensive DSP features for tailoring the sound through your system. You’ll find EQ, Limiter, Delay, Ducking, dbx Auto Feedback Suppression and more ready to go. Controllable either from the backlit LCD screen on the rear panel when you’re near the speaker, or remotely from the JBL Pro Connect App on iOS / Android over Bluetooth. This Bluetooth 5.0 connection also allows you to beam audio direct from your device to the system, with less latency and improved range.

More on the JBL Pro Connect App

The JBL Pro Connect App for Android / iOS opens up control for the mixer, DSP and other internal parameters on PRX ONE, EON ONE Mk2 and EON 700 speakers. It does all this over BLE, a faster more efficient connection designed for control, as opposed to audio streaming. As well as full mixer control, you also have access to an 8 band parametric EQ on the output of each speaker, the ability to create speaker groups and save snapshots of speaker settings. All in all, you can control up to 10 speakers in one system – that's more than enough for front of house and stage monitors combined.

System Versatility

There are 4 models in the EON 700 Series: EON 710, EON 712, EON 715 and EON 718S. The first 3 are fully range speakers with 10”, 12” and 15” woofers as their respective names suggest. The 718S is a subwoofer designed to kick out some serious low frequencies.

Between all 4 of these models, the whole range has been assembled to provide a flexible range of solutions. The full range speakers have angled sides, rubber feet and optimised outputs that make them just as good for floor monitors as they are main pa speakers. They can be pole mounted, stacked, or flown using the suspension points on the top & rear. The EON 718S also has a threaded pole mount for easily popping one of the full range speakers on top.

Rugged & Reliable

As you’re probably aware, portable PA can have a pretty tough life. In and out of vehicles, crashed around on stage, taking a lot of dings and scrapes along the way – especially with large heavy cabinets.  

The JBL EON 700 series have been purpose built for a long lifespan. Meant to withstand the rigours of touring & live sound. The 3 full range speakers feature Talcum reinforced polypropylene FEA optimized composite enclosures, which take full advantage of injection moulding & mechanical shaping techniques. This means long term durability without sacrificing cabinet size or performance. The subwoofer in the range is housed in 15-ply birch enclosures. The ergonomic handles have been precisely placed to make carrying this beast an absolute breeze. It’s also coated with Duraflex for increased durability.

In fact, the whole EON 700 series has been engineered to be as light as possible, without compromising strength and durability. Add to that the rigorous testing applied to every component that goes above and beyond the conditions you’d face in the real world. JBL ensure that the 700 series are built to last.


The JBL EON 700 Series is accompanied by a selection of additonal accessories for easy setup and transport. These include:

  • Universal Yoke Mount – This attaches to the rear of the speaker so you can set the angle of the speaker when flown
  • Transport Speaker Bags – These bags, designed by Gator, are made to protect speakers during transport and make them easier to move around
  • Mounting Poles & Tripods – Threaded Mounting poles and tripods purpose built for the JBL EON 700 Series with a variety of gas assist or manual adjust options. Being purpose built, you know these stands will do the job with ease!

In Summary

Rugged & versatile with advanced technology to deliver the best possible sound – this is the way we’d describe the JBL EON 700 series. Sometimes you just can’t beat the familiar format that the 700 series delivers, especially when it includes cutting edge DSP and speaker design. Whether you need a portable or installed system, the 700 series has got you covered for any small – mid size configuration that you need! Plus a purpose-built range of accessories, what’s not to like?

JBL Portable PA Training Range

JBL Professional have created a series of training videos for the entire Portable PA range. We've linked some of the videos relating to the EON 700 Series & JBL Pro Connect App below.

Where To Buy EON 700 Series

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JBL EON 718 Andertons Gear4Music Guitar Guitar Music Matter Professional Music Technology The Disc DJ Store West End DJ

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