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OP-Z Tutorials
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OP-Z Tutorials

Welcome to our OP-Z Tutorial page!

This page is where we host our series of short tutorials designed to help you learn your way around the teenage engineering OP-Z. These videos have been produced by our product specialist Matt Milligan.

We encourage you to submit requests for future tutorials via our social channels.

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Step Components

#1 | Pulse Component

#2 | Pulse Hold Component

#3 | Multiply Component

#4 | Velocity Component

#5 | Ramp Up Component

#6 | Ramp Down Component

#7 | Random Component

#8 | Portamento Component

#9 | Sweep Component

#10 | Tonality Component

#11 | Jump Component

#12 | Spark Components

OP-Z - How Sequence Music, Visuals & Lights

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