Nord at BBC Music Introducing LIVE 2019
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Nord at BBC Music Introducing LIVE 2019

Nord at BBC Music Introducing LIVE 2019

At this year's BBC Music, we showcased some of the latest and greatest products from Nord, featuring the Nord Grand, Stage 3, Drum 3P and more. Over the course of the event, we welcomed artists to perform at the exhibit featuring the products on show. Artists such as Jasmine Thompson, Edu Bisogno, Tova, Maisie Peters and more came along to perform their material and demonstrate the true potential of the products in a live environment.

This blog will be updated on a regular basis, presenting a selection of artist performances taken at the show. Please show your support to the artists and enjoy the content! 

Live Nord Session with Edu "Bisa" Bisogno on the Nord Grand. Featuring The Get Down Crew - with Reynaldo Migliavacca on Cajon, Glauco Alves on Guitar and Tito Beccati on Bass. Filmed at BBC Music Introducing LIVE 2019. 

Jasmine Thompson performs her song "more" on the Nord Grand, accompanied by Ewan J Phillips on the Nord Lead A1. Recorded live at BBC Music Introducing LIVE 2019.

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