HARMAN audio tools for home working
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HARMAN audio tools for home working

Now more than ever, we are realising the importance of tools for working remotely. When you’re outside our normal workspace, either at home or travelling, you might find yourself without access to the equipment you normally use to carry out daily tasks.

Harman’s JBL and AKG brands offer a line-up of professional, affordable products that allow you to enjoy exceptional audio quality outside of your regular place of work. Here’s a few that might help you while you're out of the office.

AKG Lyra USB Microphone

This Ultra-HD Multi Pattern USB Condenser microphone is a quick and easy way to upgrade your sound. Whether you record music, interviews or make numerous video calls during the day, Lyra will noticeably improve the quality of the audio that you capture. It’s simple to use - all you need to plug it in is the included USB cable and you’re ready to go.

Find out more in Our Guide to AKG Lyra blog post.

JBL 104 & 104BT Desktop Speakers

The JBL One Series 104 and 104BT desktop speakers are an elegant solution for professional quality audio listening at home. They lend themselves to content creation, but are just as useful for playback and listening. Their shape and size has been acoustically optimised for desktop placement. Both sets of speakers have TRS, RCA and Aux input options, with the BT pair adding Bluetooth connectivity. They are easily controlled from the front panel, and you can even plug in a set of headphones when you need to listen quietly.

Discover more in Our Guide to The JBL 104BT Audio Monitors blog post.

AKG K361 & K361BT Professional Headphones

When speakers aren’t an option, the AKG K361 headphones deliver high quality wherever you go. Their oval shaped closed-back design provides you with superior isolation and improved low frequency response. If you’re working with them all day, the slow-retention foam ear pads provide lasting comfort for long stints. The K361s are available in wired and wireless bluetooth options. The bluetooth pair are fitted with a long-lasting battery capable of running for 24h before needing a recharge. They are great for those who travel for work, especially as they can be folded down to a very compact size.

Watch An Overview of the AKG K361 here.

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