First Look at the Austrian Audio CC8 Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphone
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First Look at the Austrian Audio CC8 Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

Austrian Audio have already built a reputable name in the audio industry for exciting and innovative products with their OC818 and OC18 microphones – both of which can be at home in professional studios as well as project and bedroom studios looking for the next step up in audio quality.

Having already nailed one half of the microphone staple, the large diaphragm condenser, Austrian Audio’s latest release means they can now take over more of your mic locker with the new CC8 small diaphragm condenser!

With a team as rich in history at designing microphones as Austrian Audio, this release is incredibly significant as it gives them the opportunity to really flex their muscles and use all their acquired knowledge to design something truly special. Many of the Austrian Audio team were hands-on with the famed CK1 capsule so when they had a chance to develop their own, they poured the knowledge acquired working on that into their latest and greatest creation, the OCC7 capsule.

The CC8 is all about reproducing a natural, smooth sound and so the OCC7 capsule combined with its transformerless output stage gives the CC8 a remarkably linear frequency response free of harsh or spiky resonances, even at high volumes. Speaking of volume, It can also handle an extremely high sound pressure level (SPL) of up to 156 dB without adding distortion making it perfect for recording loud percussion or brass instruments up close. Combined with an exceptionally low self-noise of only 16 dB(A), the dynamic range is so great, every subtle nuance of a field recording or soft acoustic guitar is captured effortlessly.  

To further help shape the sound at the source, there are two recessed switches on the mic - one for a PAD to reduce the input signal by up to 20dB, and the other for a HPF with options for 60Hz or 120Hz.  

The OCC7 capsule features a 3 micron-thick, gold-coated, polyethylene diaphragm that is much more robust than conventional Mylar alternatives and is more consistent to produce. It's also got a fabric filter that ensures constant broadband attenuation of sound coming from the sides and rear for perfect cardioid characteristics.

Size wise, the CC8 lives up to its colloquial name of ‘pencil mic’, as it’s the same size as a standard pen making it easy to position around a drum kit. But be warned, these mics look and feel like a work of art... so position it close to the drummer at your own peril!

Perhaps the coolest specification of the CC8 is its custom factory calibration. Out-of-the box, any two CC8’s are a match-paired due to a strict factory calibration and tolerance of +/-0.5dB @1kHz. This means that whilst the mics are available in specific stereo sets, you could still match two singles or more for an accurate stereo image in your sound production.

Each single pack comes with a soft case, a wind filter and a mic clip. Whilst the stereo sets come in a hardcase with two of everything, as well as a stereo bar for XY or ORTF recording.

Following microphones of OC818 and OC18’s quality was always going to be a challenge, but Austrian Audio have stuck to their morals and used their impressive and hard-fought knowledge to develop a microphone capable of exemplary recordings that is yet again at home in any high-end or bedroom studio.

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