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Can a ROLI Lightpad Block control a hardware synth?
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Can a ROLI Lightpad Block control a hardware synth?

Can a ROLI Lightpad Block control a hardware synth?  Via a DAW and the included BLOCKS Dashboard software the answer is yes!  

In this video below the left-hand ROLI Lightpad Block is acting as a MIDI controller for a Nord Lead A1's sound engine - the Lightpad's X-axis is used to switch the Lead A1's arpeggiator on/off, the Y-axis is controlling Filter Resonance, the Z-axis is controlling the LFO Speed.  

The 2nd Lightpad block (on the right) is launching loops from ROLI's own NOISE app for iOS.

The settings for the Lightpad Block are set within ROLI's BLOCKS Dashboard software - simply configure the Lightpad's MIDI output to match the MIDI CC of the device you wish to control.

In this case the Nord Lead A1 uses MIDI CC #90 for its Arpeggiator On/Off, MIDI CC #42 for Filter Resonance and MIDI CC #19 for LFO Speed.  The relevant MIDI CC controller numbers can usually be found in the User Manual for your synth or device. 

To communicate with the hardware synth the Lightpad Block needs to be routed through your DAW via a computer, it does not talk directly with the hardware device.

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