The Austrian Audio OD5 and OC7 Microphones – Signature Austrian Audio sound for all instruments
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The Austrian Audio OD5 and OC7 Microphones – Signature Austrian Audio sound for all instruments

With the introduction of the OD505 and OC707 earlier in the year, Austrian Audio introduced two brand new microphones with custom-tuned capsules into a handheld vocal microphone format popular with reviewers, performers, and studio engineers alike. The OCC7 and ODC5 brought signature, Austrian Audio studio sound into a live package perfectly suited for vocalists. To bring that same high-quality sound to all instruments, Austrian Audio have introduced the OD5 and OC7 featuring the same capsule in a unique, swivel-format instrument microphone.


The OD5 is an instrument microphone that has the same ODC5 capsule found in the OD505 dynamic handheld microphone. With active circuitry inside required 48v to retain signal integrity over long cable runs, as well as a high-quality active HPF circuit, the OD5 has the same wide frequency response and high-headroom as the OD505 vocal microphone lauded by reviewers.

The most innovative feature of the OD5 is its swivel-mount joint. Offering 220° of capsule rotation, the OD5 simplifies mic positioning and makes it easier than ever to point the mic at the source’s sweet spot even in tight or awkward surroundings like a drum kit.

With a ‘high precision’ Cardioid polar pattern, the OD5 has a uniform frequency response around the mic’s axis, meaning that audio off-axis from the microphone still sounds great and is free of odd resonances and distortion that could effect the mic’d source. A –10dB PAD allows for a maximum SPL of 160dB, meaning the OD5 is perfectly suited for a loud stage and intense sources such as drums, guitar cabs, and brass whilst delivering that signature Austrian Audio sound.


Partnering the OD5 is the OC7, a microphone that shares the same innovative swivel joint for advanced mic positioning, but with the renowned OCC7 capsule from the CC8 small diaphragm condenser microphone. Being a condenser microphone, the OC7 has a wider frequency response with greater sensitivity when compared to the OD5, allowing for more detail to be captured from the source. It's perfectly matched for use on all instruments that have particularly lively transients, including percussion, piano, acoustic guitar but also stringed instruments.

With sound quality matching the CC8 small diaphragm condenser microphone, the OC8 is unique in that it can be positioned in precarious places on the stage without fear of causing excess damage. You’d never dream of putting the CC8 near a snare drum for example as it is a refined microphone without a sturdy grille and the shape of the mic means that it is awkward to position, but the rugged housing and unique swivel joint of the OC8 means that it can be used creatively on stage out the way of overzealous musicians and without fear of causing damage by awry drum sticks!

Due to the extended response of the OC7, it does feature slightly differently tuned high-pass filter compared to the OD5 with positions for 40 and 80Hz to cut off extraneous lows and stage rumble. The OD5 by comparison has options for 80 and 120Hz.


As with all Austrian Audio microphone capsules, the OD5 and OC7’s capsule is designed and manufactured in Vienna with experienced hands and rigorous quality control and testing. With the same thoughtful design features and classy aesthetic, the OD5 and OC7 are purpose-built instrument microphones that perfectly compliment the OD505 and OC707 vocal microphones to bring renowned Austrian Audio sound to all instruments on stage.


The Austrian Audio OD5 and OC7 join an illustrious and growing microphone family including the OD505 and OC707 handheld mics, as well as the flagship OC818 and OC18 large diaphragm condensers. For more information on these microphones, check out our guide here:

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