4 Features of the SSL SiX You May Not Know About
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4 Features of the SSL SiX You May Not Know About

SiX has been dubbed the 'ultimate desktop mixer' for good reason. It's ultra-clean 'SuperAnalogue' signal path is paired beautifully with clever routing options, making it a powerful professional tool with a small footprint. If you're new to SiX, you may be wondering how a console this small can be configured for a wide variety of applications.

Solid State Logic have recently released a series of short videos that explain a handful features & functionality in greater detail. So without further ado, here are 4 features & functions of SSL SiX that you may find useful...

#1 | SiX has a dedicated control room monitor section.

The monitor section of SiX gives the user full control over which signals are feeding their monitors. You can monitor all signal sources through SiX, independently from the Main Mix output. Dedicated controls for Volume, Dim & Cut controls are also included in the Monitor section. This first video demonstrates the Monitor section in use.

#2 | You can create 2 independent stereo cue mixes for your artists.

SiX features 2 stereo cue sends, meaning you can create separate monitor mixes for 2 musicians when tracking. These are fed from the ST Cue knobs on each channel. You can also switch in the Ext inputs and Talkback input. This video explains how to create artist mixes on Six, and how to check them yourself using the monitor section.

#3 | You can select & record individual channels using Mix Bus B

Looking closely at SiX, you may have noticed that channel mutes are also marked 'Bus B'. When a channel is muted, the audio is simultaneously routed to the Bus B output on the back. This audio can then be routed wherever you like. In this example, Bus B is used to record selected channels whilst audio still passes through the main mix.

#4 | SiX can be used to sum up to 12 channels of analogue audio

The SiX has more inputs than it's name initially suggests. In fact, up to 12 channels of audio can be summed through this mixer. This includes the 2 SuperAnalogue inputs, 2 stereo channels, 2 stereo external inputs and Alt inputs on channels 1 & 2. The resulting summed mix can then be processed through the bus compressor. This video explains in full how to set this all up.

Where to Buy the SSL SiX in the UK

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Gear4Music Solid State Logic SiX
Giraffe Audio Solid State Logic SiX
Guitar, Amp & Keyboard Centre Solid State Logic SiX
KMR Audio Solid State Logic SiX
Professional Music Technology Solid State Logic SiX
Scan Solid State Logic SiX
StudioCare Solid State Logic SiX
SX Pro Solid State Logic SiX

All of these videos have been filmed by Solid State Logic. Visit their YouTube Channel for more videos

For more detailed product info on the SSL SiX, visit our product page.

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