"The most notable aspects of this new range are the huge scoops taken out of the lower and upper horns. Aside from giving the guitar a mean, weapon-like appearance, they give almost unencumbered access to the upper frets. Along with the almost-invisible neck join, it's one of the most effective designs we've encountered for addressing this common problem”.

Tg solar160 560

The Washburn Parallaxe Solar 160 is part of the new Ola Englund signature series.  This model, and the rest of the Solar range, are now available in the UK.

"The familiar-feeling C-shaped neck's matt finish and silky ebony fretboard also ensure that travel to and from this area is smooth, and very comfortable". 

“ ...(the pickups) certainly revel in crushing high-gain rhythm sounds, tightening up the low-end wonderfully for full-octane metal riffs and focusing the tone even with inherently saggy high-gain Marshall sounds. Open chords, in particular, sound huge-with almost bell-like clarity”.

"At £579, the Solar represents good value for shredders on a budget…What sets it apart, however, is the consideration given to unbridled upper-fret access, so if you're spending a lot of time at the dusty end of the fretboard, then you should definitely give this a try”. 

The full review can be found in the June issue of Total Guitar magazine on sale now or by clicking here.

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