"Perhaps the thing to bear in mind is just how good both these guitars are for such affordable prices.  Both have solid tops, so in theory they will improve as they ‘play in’, both are from a trusted brand and both are very well priced and sound great from new - what more can you ask for?"

Iguitar hd10s wld10s 560

This month sees more fantastic press coverage for the new Washburn Heritage Series and Woodline series guitars, this time courtesy of Guitar Interactive magazine.

On the Washburn HD10S, “Being a dreadnought sized guitar there was plenty of acoustic volume with limited attack, so it’s a guitar that response to how you play, making it very versatile for many different styles.  Die-cast tuners are fitted to the classy looking headstock, which were solid and held everything in tune.  The neck was a very comfortable shape feeling much like a standard electric neck.  This guitar was setup really well, with a low enough action to make Barre chords and lead playing a breeze but not so low as to cause fret-buzz or intonation issues”.

“Overall, the Washburn HD10S is a very good, reasonably priced acoustic that offers great playability, looks and finish, there really is nothing to fault about this very pleasing instrument”.

On the Washburn WLD10S, “…the WLD10S felt slightly more resonant with increased sustain”.

“As with the HD this is is a great sounding, nicely playing guitar, and at this price you would be very hard pressed to find fault.  

The full review with video demos can be found in issue 41 of Guitar Interactive magazine or by clicking here.

The Washburn HD10S and Washburn WLD10S are both available now priced at £249 and £269 RRP inc VAT respectively.  For more information on the Washburn Heritage Series please click here.  For more information on the Washburn Woodline Series please click here.

Washburn is distributed in the UK and ROI by Sound Technology Ltd. For more information please call Sound Technology Ltd on 01462 480000 or visit www.soundtech.co.uk/washburn