The PX-Solar Deluxe Series is the signature line of swedish guitarist and producer Ola Englund (The Haunted, Feared, former Six Feet Under...). 

PX-Solar Deluxe guitars feature an EverTune® bridge, which keeps the guitars in tune under any condition or abuse, full access neck joints, alder bodies and ebony fingerboards. Coupled with their stealth looks and distinctive binding, the PX-Solar Deluxe guitars are very solid, precise and professional instruments that will satisfy any metal player.

"The Solar line of guitars have everything I want out of a guitar, the tone, the feel, the looks. Everything just falls into place when I have one in my lap. Washburn gave me free hands to design whatever I wanted, no questions asked, and the outcome is a dream come true."
- Ola Englund

  • 7-string
  • Alder body
  • Maple neck
  • 24 fret ebony fretboard
  • Super jumbo frets
  • 25.5" scale length
  • Duncan Solar pickups
  • Ola Englund inlay at 12th fret
  • Evertune bridge
  • Grover 18:1 tuners
  • Carbon Black matte finish

Washburn Solar 17 ETC - UltraHD

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Ola Englund Washburn Solar 17 ETC - UltraHD