Multimedia Synthesizer & Sequencer

SRP £529.00 inc VAT

OP–Z the new multimedia synthesizer and sequencer is finally arriving.

OP–Z it’s the first stand-alone 16 track sequencer that allows synchronised live composition of music, visuals, lights. The OP-Z is one of a kind.

Born to be portable, just at 212.5 mm width, 57.5 mm height and 10 mm thin, it weighs in at just 850g. With the absence of a screen, we introduce the concept of ’bring your own display’ - use your iphone, ipad or computer, because the OP-Z is built for people on the move that already carry a great display in their pocket.

Packed with multiple synthesizer engines, beats, samples, effects, visuals and preset patterns, the OP-Z has the ability to control up to 16 lights through dmx, it has a unity 3d® integration to let you interact with your own 3d worlds, as well a built in photomatic feature which allows you to instantly sequence images taken with your smartphone camera.

More… the OP-Z has an expansion slot for modules that will add a range of hardware upgrades, each with its own unique functionality. The first module will be launched later this year. Complete the OP-Z universe with a range of teenage engineering accessories like the bespoke design leather case.

OP-Z, ready to be used anytime, anywhere, straight out of your pocket.

  • 16-track multi-speed sequencer
  • 16 individual and independent synthesis, sampler and control tracks
  • 160 user programmable patterns
  • Interchangeable modular effects
  • 14 multi-program step components
  • External screen with OP-Z iOS app
  • Dual domain synthesis
  • 6 axis motion sensor (g-force)
  • Bluetooth 5.0 LE
  • 1 year battery stand-by time
  • USB type-c jack
  • 3.5 mm 4-pole jack (stereo out/mic)
  • Integrated MEMS microphone
SEQUENCINGAdvanced multi-speed 16-track sequencer
• Step component composing
• Endless sequencing steps
• Track independent length
• Track independent speed
• Parameter locks
• Step recording
• Live recording
• Midi sequencing
• Image and 3D graphics sequencing
• DMX light sequencing (needs external interface)
INSTRUMENT TRACKS16 individual and independent synthesis, sampler and control tracks.
1 - Kick
2 - Snare
3 - Percussion
4 - Sampler
5 - Bass
6 - Lead
7 - Arpeggio
8 - Chords
9 - FX slot 1
10 - FX slot 2
11 - Tape
12 - Mixer
13 - Midi
14 - CV & Trig
15 - Light
16 - Motion
PATTERNS160 user programmable patterns
Patterns chaining.
EFFECTSupgradeable modular effects architecture. included effects: delay, reverb, filters, tremolo etc.
STEP COMPONENTS14 multi-program step components for advanced step sequencing.
SCREENWhen paired or connected to an iOS device, the iOS device will act as a screen for OP-Z.
iOS APPOP-Z iOS app, free to download from app store.
COMPATIBILITYCompatible with any iOS device that is apple metal graphics specified.
HARDWARE• Analog Devices Blackfin 70X dsp
• Cirrus logic audio co-processor
• 1250 mmacs
• 48kHz 24-bit DAC
• 115 dB dynamic range
SENSORS6 axis motion sensor.
MICROPHONEIntegrated mems microphone.
WIRELESSBluetooth 5.0 LE
BATTERY• 6 hour battery life
• 1 year stand-by time
• User replaceable
• 3.5 mm 4-pole jack

TACTILE INPUT• 2 octaves of musical keys
• 51 mechanical keys in total
• Pressure sensitive pitch bend
• 4 x multi purpose color coded high resolution encoders
• Volume knob / on switch
• Pairing button
UI• 29 RGB+W LED indicators
• 24 W LED indicators
DURABLE DESIGN• Rigid engineering plastic housing
• IXEF 1022 PARA + 50% glassfiber
UNIQUE ENCODER DESIGNTeenage Engineering designed floating ball bearing hall sensor encoders for minimal stacking height and wear.
DIMENSIONS• L 212.5 mm
• H 57.5 mm
• D 10 mm
+ 6 mm length for volume knob
INCLUDED• USB-C to USB-A for charging and control.
• User guide
Teenage Engineering OP-Z - How to Sequence Music, Visuals and Lighting
Sound Technology Ltd
Teenage Engineering OP-Z - How to Sequence Music, Visuals and Lighting
In this step-by-step video guide, Matt gives an overview of how to construct a beat, create visuals and sequence DMX lighting using only the OP-Z. 0:45 - Set the Tempo 0:52 - Kick track 1:37 - Snare track 2:26 - Perc track 2:54 - Sample track 3:20 - Chord track 4:04 - Bass track 4:35 - Arp track 4:59 - Master track 5:46 - Tape track 6:24 - Performance track 6:48 - Motion Track 7:37 - Lights Track Subscribe to our channel for me more in-depth OP-Z tutorials and explainers to come! The OP-Z is a multimedia sequencer from Swedish design company Teenage Engineering. Check out our Musician’s Blog for further details on this video: https://www.soundtech.co.uk/musicians-blog/teenage-engineering-op-z-how-to-sequence-music-visuals-lights Watch