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The Carlsson loudspeaker is back.

The new OD-11 is a carefully re-engineered version of the legendary ortho directional loud-speaker by Stig Carlsson from 1974. Now with a built-in computer, 100 watt amplifier and the latest wifi technology. It's upgraded to play all your music, from any device, in wireless stereo. The unmistakeable warm and relaxed Carlsson sound has returned.

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Re-created from original technical drawings, the 2014 version of OD-11 has the same dimensions, 10 litre volume, white cabinet with black grille, as when it was launched in 1974. When it comes to the sound, the ortho directional speaker principle is more relevant than ever, delivering the same great sound as it did 40 years ago. The genuine Carlsson sound.

Read the Carlsson story.

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Made for airplay and Spotify.

Thanks to its built-in technology and wifi capabilities, OD-11 works out of the box with airplay on mac, iPhone, iPad and apple tv 
and on windows too, with iTunes installed. When playing music from Spotify on a mobile device, a digital token is sent to OD-11 telling it to handle the streaming so you can turn your mobile device off and enjoy the music.

Explore inside the OD-11

speaker principalortho directional
flow optimised bass
reflex duct
frequency range28 – 20.000 Hz
dimensions262 x 272 x 262 mm
10.3 x 10.7 x 10.3 inch
weight7.5 kg
16.53 pounds
materialshigh density fiber board
reinforced plastic
woven steel mesh
design featuressingle design
for left/right
tweeterhigh efficiency
wooferlong throw
pulp cone
6.5" woofer with
circuiting ring
amplifier100 watts
ultra high
efficiency design
wireless technologybeam forming
wifi technology
bluetooth 4 LE
supported servicesairplay
spotify connect
power requirementAC 100-240V
universal power supply
inputs3.5mm audio in
PCM optical in
interfaceplus / minus button
function button
stereo selector switch
SKU Image Name Colour/description
TEE0027 OD-11 White OD-11 White
TEE0028 OD-11 Black OD-11 Black
TEE0029 OD-11 Red OD-11 Red
TEE0030 OD-11 Walnut OD-11 Walnut
TEE0043 OD-11 Yellow (Limited Edition) OD-11 Yellow (Limited Edition)