Teenage Engineering and UK distributor Sound Technology Ltd are pleased to announce immediate availability of the new rumble expansion module for OP-Z.

(Click for hi-res version)

Rumble is a soundless haptic subwoofer for the OP-Z portable synth and sequencer. Rumble is a module made in close collaboration with Berlin deep tech company Lofelt. It features a silent metronome mode and unique audio-tohaptic technology that recreates natural bass sensations to the body.

(Click for hi-res version)

Rumble is the latest accessory released for the OP-Z and uses high-definition vibrotactile feedback and psychoacoustic technology to trick the human brain into feeling like the user is standing next to a deep sounding subwoofer. In short, you will feel the beat.

(Click for hi-res version)

For more information on the Teenage Engineering rumble module please click here.

Pricing and Availability

The Teenage Engineering rumble module is available now priced at £69 RRP inc VAT.

Teenage Engineering is distributed in the UK and ROI by Sound Technology Ltd. For more information please call 01462 480000 or visit www.soundtech.co.uk/music-retail/teenageengineering.