Teenage Engineering and UK distributor Sound Technology Ltd will be showcasing the OP-Z Multimedia Sequencer and Synthesizer at Synth Fest 2019 together with its brand new oplab and Rumble expansion modules. The OP-Z recently received a significant firmware update, adding sampling capability and enhanced workflow. The expansion modules have also added extra connectivity via MIDI and CV, and the unique ‘Rumble’ module that provides haptic bass feedback.

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About the OP-Z

In a truly portable format, the OP-Z is an advanced sequencer with incredible live performance features, stunning synth engines and sampling capability. Alongside audio, the OP-Z is also able to sequence images and incredible 3D visualisations using the free OP-Z app available on iOS & Mac (Android Support coming soon). As if that wasn’t enough, the OP-Z can also sequence DMX lighting, making this pocket-sized sequencer capable of creating highly immersive multimedia performances.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ElQyZyzfYQ

About the oplab expansion module

The new oplab expansion module adds CV, MIDI, and Pocket Operator sync, allowing the OP-Z to sequence and interact with other sound modules. The 4 ports on the back allow you to patch directly into most Eurorack Modular systems. Adding a 5-pin MIDI adapter lets you send & receive controller information from MIDI equipped hardware. Pocket Operator sync lets you jam with Teenage Engineering’s Pocket Operator range.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnLx_ucI4yM

About the Rumble expansion module

The new Rumble expansion module is a haptic subwoofer. It adds low frequency output to the OP-Z directly through your fingertips, bringing the unit to life. Rumble accurately replicates frequencies from 10Hz - 150Hz, giving the sensation of being plugged into a subwoofer without creating any sound. Rumble can also be used as a silent metronome, making the OP-Z pulse in time with the beat.

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The Teenage Engineering range will be displayed on Stand L23 (UK distributor Sound Technology Ltd) at Synth Fest.

Sound Technology's Matt Milligan will also present a Teenage Engineering talk focusing on how the OP-Z is an incredible tool to inspire creativity at 12 noon on the Bar Stage.

For further information the event please visit https://www.synthfest.co.uk/