Our Teenage Engineering OP-1F Beat Creation Series Videos
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Our Teenage Engineering OP-1F Beat Creation Series Videos

The OP-1F Beat Creation series looks at different approaches to creating beats, patterns and tracks using the onboard sounds and sequencers.

On this page, we collected together videos from the series with a bit more information about the workflows involved. 

EP1: Recording to Tape

In the first episode, Matt focuses on 'recording to tape' ie. manually inputting drum patterns & melodies using the keyboard and recording with the virtual 4-track tape machine found in the OP-1F. 

This episode also touches on using the Endless sequencer, purely to program a double time metronome. There's also pointers on cutting tape, pasting tape and mixing down multiple tracks to 1 which creates space for more layers.

EP2: The Arpeggio Sequencer

Arpeggio is the first in the list of sequencers on the OP-1F. It's different parameters allow you to manipulate the way it plays back rhythms and melodies - leading to some musical results. 

Matt takes us through layering up percussion from the D-Box Drum Synth, alongside some other melodic elements. He also shows a different tape type - Disc Mini - which adds a lo-fi digital edge to the recorded audio.

EP3: The Endless Sequencer

Next up is the Endless Sequencer - a traditional step-by-step input approach to programming. Matt layers up a drum and bass inspired idea with the help of the Endless sequencer plus the crunch and character of the Porta-4 Track tape mode. Endless sequencer allows you to program in melodic sequences and drum patterns, tracking velocity and polyphony too. See it in action in this video.

EP4: The Finger Sequencer

In episode 4, Matt takes a closer look at the 'Finger' sequencer and shows you how you can use this for creating drum patterns and melodies.

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