fire your arm cannon, breakdance on rooftops and perform a perfect K.O! to the tempo of your song. experience epic scenes from the legendary Mega Man and Street Fighter series, all controlled by the OP–Z.

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gaming passion

for us at teenage engineering, games and gaming have always had a big influence on our work. in the past, many of us have worked with game development in one way or the other and this passion is still strong with us. it is something we are proud to apply to the music industry. music should be fun, just like playing the game.

a new way of interacting

with OP-Z videopaks, we are able to take this concept to a new level and offer you hands-on control not only over the music, but also the visuals. for this particular project, we’ve worked closely with Capcom® to develop a completely new way of interacting with two of the greatest cult classic games of all time - Mega Man and Street Fighter series.

download and “play”, for free

built from the ground up, using the original graphics, these vidoepaks let you use your OP-Z sequencer to control everything you see on the screen, in real-time and synchronized to your beats: the two individual packs each have multiple immersive scenes to choose from and can be downloaded for free, through the OP-Z app.

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