Playing and performing on a velocity sensitive keyboard lets you add dynamic expression to your music. In the past, this could only be achieved in OP-1 by connecting an external keyboard. While this is of course still possible, as of today, we've added velocity sensitivity to the internal OP–1 field keyboard.

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Velocity has three settings - off, soft and hard. To access these settings, hold shift and press tempo. Using physical touch, generally the harder you play, the louder the sound. And vice versa - the softer you play, the more gentle the sound will be. This basically means the volume of the sound will respond to how hard you play the keys. The benefit of the off setting is that you can be sure to get the maximum volume from a sound, even with soft playing. The result will always be evenly loud, which can be desired in some situations.

Velocity sensitivity also works with internal sequencers, as well as over external midi, improving the experience when using OP–1 field as the main controller for other devices, including your computer.

Other additions in this update include:

the ability to adjust tape speed to external clock - if OP–1 field is in midi sync mode and midi clock in is enabled, the tape speed will automatically match incoming external clock.

a mono / stereo setting for line in - use ochre to toggle while on the input screen with line in connected.

pre tape panning - adjust with shift and orange while on the tape screen.

syncing fm transmit frequency with OB–4 - when using the fm transmitter, your OB–4 can be automatically synced to match the optimal transmit frequency.

How to update:

visit the OP–1 field downloads page and follow the steps to update your unit.