The June 2024 edition of Sound On Sound contains a brilliantly positive review of the new SSL PureDrive Octo preamp.

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The review features praise for several aspects of the OCTO, including the useful range of different sonic colours, stepped gain controls for precise recall and stereo matching, superbly clean preamp with very low noise and 90dB gain range.

The reviewer was also impressed with the affordability of the PureDrive, stating of SSL's recent work - 'It’s just the latest in a string of surprisingly affordable, over‑achieving analogue processors from SSL, and I hope they’re making enough margin on it to give their designers a pay rise!' and 'It’s a little surprising to find that the PureDrive preamps face no obvious competition at their price levels.'

To summarise the review 'The PureDrive gives you everything you’d want from a multi‑channel preamp at an extremely competitive price.'

You can read the full review in the June 2024 edition of Sound On Sound or online here.

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