Sound On Sound have reviewed the Solid State Logic B-DYN 500-Series Dynamics Processor as part of their April 2024 edition.

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The reviewer used the B-DYN as an 'external plug-in' on a mono bus on their recent mix projects, which included a singer-songwriter track and a more energetic pop-rock track.

When used on the singer-songwriter track they found "the compressor could be used to really emphasise the attack of finger-picked notes or strums, and depending on the part, the gate could shorten notes nicely too".

As for the more pop-rock track, the reviewer stated the B-DYN "came into its own", assertively controlling the energetic lead vocals and was exceptional for reshaping the drums, percussive loops and the drum bus.

To conculde, the review suggests "While I do regard the B-DYN as an 'effect compressor', it's also versatile: the gate/expander can be very handy when recording drums and the compressor doubles as a fast effective de-esser."

You can read the full review in the April 2024 edition of Sound On Sound and online here.

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