Solid State Logic’s new 2+ USB Audio Interface brings studio quality to Personal Studios

Professional personal and collaborative studio package brings together 40 years of music production knowledge and technology.

More than an audio interface

Solid State Logic studio tools have been at the heart of music production for over 40 years, helping world famous artists, producers and studios to create so many of the records you’ve come to know and love. Now, with SSL 2+, you get all that hit-making know-how in your own personal studio.

With beautifully SSL-designed analogue microphone preamps and immaculate 24/192kHz conversion for studio-quality recording, pristine monitoring paths and high-performance headphone amps for crystal-clear playback and an intuitive front-panel low-latency monitor mix control, you’re always ready to capture the next great performance.

The ‘Legacy 4K’ mode – inspired by classic SSL consoles, gives you the ability to add extra analogue character and sparkle to your sources when needed.

To top it all off, the included ‘SSL Production Pack’ software bundle, which includes some of SSL’s own studio-grade Native plug-ins and a carefully selected range of DAWs, samples, loops and virtual instruments from industry leaders, gives you an incredible arsenal of tools for creating your next hit.

  • 2X Class-Leading Mic Preamps (130.5dB EIN / 62dB of Gain)
  • Pro-Studio Quality Neutrik Connectors and Alps pots
  • 2X High Current Headphone Amp with independent monitor mix
  • 24-bit / 192 kHz AKM Converters
  • Legacy 4K Analogue Enhancement - Inspired by SSL4000 series console
  • MIDI I/O
  • Additional un-balanced Outputs for DJ Mixers
  • SSL Production Pack - Exclusive software bundle
  • Advanced Workflow Technology utilised in ergonomics, layout and metering
System requirements and Specs
Mac OS 10.11 and aboveClass-Compliant, Plug-and-play
Windows 8.1, Windows 10Install included ASIO/WDM driver
ConnectivityUSB 2.0 Type C Connector (Box includes Type C to C and Type C to A)
Mic Preamps
EIN-130.5 dB
Gain Range62 dB
Max Instrument Input Level+15 dBu
Max Line Input Level: ::+24 dBu
Monitor Outputs
Dynamic Range112 dB​
Max Output Level+ 12.5 dBu​
Headphone Output(s)
Dynamic Range111 dB
Max Output+10 dBu
Sample rates​44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 kHz
Solid State Logic SSL2+ USB Audio Interface Review / Explained (Differences between SSL 2 & SSL 2+)
Solid State Logic SSL2+ USB Audio Interface Review / Explained (Differences between SSL 2 & SSL 2+)
Today I walkthrough, explain, and review the new Solid State Logic SSL2+ USB Audio Interface, demonstrate what the 4K switch does, test it with the SM7b, test it with electric guitar and electric bass, and even more. I also discuss the differences between the SSL2 and SSL2+ and why you might want this instead of something like the Motu M2. Overall this is a great sounding interface that offers a lot of features for musicians that may prove to be less beneficial for a simpler voice over work flow.  Buy the SSL2+ (Affiliate Links) Amazon: N/A Sweetwater: http://bit.ly/39txLC5 Buy the SSL2 (Affiliate Links) Amazon: https://geni.us/ssl2 Sweetwater: http://bit.ly/38hMOyy Buy the Rode NT1 Kit (Affiliate) Amazon: http://geni.us/rodent1 Sweetwater: http://bit.ly/2Xrwl62 Bandrew Says Podcast: http://www.bandrewsays.com Subscribe For More Videos: https://www.youtube.com/podcastage?sub_confirmation=1 Become a Member: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvOU-zTlankT-JjN3ZzvuKA/join 00:00 - Intro / Pricing 00:31 - Signal Chain for Testing 00:51 - What’s in the Box 01:13 - Build Quality 01:34 - Walkthrough of Features 03:54 - Specifications 04:25 - Legacy 4k Switch Demo 04:56 - Neumann U87 Ai Test 05:30 - Shure SM7b Mic Test (No Cloudlifter or Fethead) 06:21 - Preamp Gain Noise Test 07:29 - Latency Test 08:32 - Instrument Input (D.I.) Test 10:04 - Differences Between SSL2 and SSL2+ 10:52 - Pros 13:23 - Cons 14:22 - Recommendation 14:42 - Why the SSL2+ Over the Motu M2 15:24 - Outro My YouTube Setup: https://podcastage.com/studio My Favorite XLR Mics: https://podcastage.com/rev/favxlr My Favorite USB Mics: https://podcastage.com/rev/favusb Check the Frequently Asked Questions: https://podcastage.com/faq Vote For What You Want Reviewed: https://podcastage.com/vote NOTE (FULL DISCLOSURE): If you purchase an item using my amazon link, it provides me a small referral fee. For more info check my FAQ page links below. Check Out This Stuff TOO: Website: https://www.podcastage.com Giveaways: https://podcastage.com/giveaways Discord: https://www.podcastage.com/discord Merch: https://podcastage.com/store Company Relationship Disclosure: https://podcastage.com/disclosure Personal: https://www.bandrewscott.com Watch