"...it's a great unit that's flexible, easy to use, and given the spec, is priced pretty competitively."

FM Ui24R 560

The Soundcraft Ui24R is a new digital mixer and recorder offering 24 input channels, legendary Lexicon, dbx and DigiTech signal processing, intuitive wireless control and USB multi-track recording.  It is reviewed in the latest issue of Future Music magazine.

"Soundcraft's Ui mixers combine a wi-fi equipped hardware interface with remote software control. The Ui24R marks a bit of an upgrade over previous models (the Ui12 and Ui16), and not only in terms of scale but also in terms of spec - key improvements include 20 quiet Studer-designed mic preamps, 22 track audio recording and playback via onboard USB stick (USB A), and full 32-channel USB DAW 1/0 (USB B). The Ui24R also has considerably more connectivity, with ten combi mic/line inputs (two switchable to Hi-Z), ten further XLR mic inputs, two line level phono inputs and eight XLR auxiliary outputs, as well as main outputs (XLR and 1/4 inch jack) and two headphone outputs."

"Processing options do vary slightly across channel types (there's a de-esser on the main channels and graphic EQ on the auxiliaries for example). Even so, the processing and effects are easy to use and sound excellent."

"The Ui24R is a decent upgrade on their previous Ui mixers and is equally at home handling recording and live setups ."

The full review can be found in the Autumn issue of Future Music magazine on sale now.  The Soundcraft Ui24R is also available now priced at £899 RRP inc VAT.

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