Seaboard RISE recognised as one of the most groundbreaking consumer electronic products of 2016

The Consumer Technology Association has recognised the Seaboard RISE, ROLI’s revolutionary music -making device, as the most innovative product in music technology and several other technology sub-sectors for the year 2016. ROLI is delighted to be a CES Innovation Award Honouree and accept this prestigious award at CES Unveiled, an event organized by the Consumer Technology Association, today in New York.

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The Seaboard RISE is a highly expressive and accessible instrument designed for music -makers in the digital age. It remodels the keyboard as a soft, sensor -embedded, pressure- sensitive surface that lets people shape sound through intuitive gestures. The expressive effects of a guitar, a violin, and other acoustic instruments are possible on a Seaboard RISE, yet it also opens up the vast range of sounds and effects that are possible on electronic instruments.  At £599 it is the most affordable instrument in an emerging category of music hardware and software called Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression (MPE).

The Seaboard RISE won the CES Best of Innovation award in the category of Computer Peripherals, which includes music technology. Products contending for a CES Innovation Award are judged by a panel of independent industrial designers, independent engineers and members of the trade media to honor outstanding design and engineering across 27 product categories. Entries are evaluated on their engineering, aesthetic and design qualities, value to users, unique features, and how they compare to similar products in their category.

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Roland Lamb, founder and CEO of ROLI and the inventor of the Seaboard, said: “Only two months after its global launch, the Seaboard RISE is already recognized as one of the most innovative consumer products of the year. This is a testament to our global community of Seaboard creators who keep making amazing music with every product we release, encouraging us at ROLI to keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible on a musical instrument.”

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The award comes during a period of intensive product development and growth at London-based ROLI. In October the company announced the acquisition of, the New York- based social platform for music collaboration. On November 9 ROLI announced two mobile-led products for the Seaboard RISE: a versatile Flip Case which protects the Seaboard RISE and folds back to become a stand for handheld devices; and the Equator for iPhone app, which takes ROLI’s custom- built software synthesizer onto the iPhone and makes it even easier to make expressive music anywhere.

ROLI will display the Seaboard RISE, Seaboard GRAND, and other products at CES 2016, the most important event in the annual calendar for consumer electronics makers, in Las Vegas in January. The ROLI team is pleased to answer any questions about Seaboard instruments and offer hands- on demonstrations at CES 2016 as well as at CES Unveiled, held at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York from 4:30 7:30pm, today.

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