"Seaboard Block is a great and affordable way into extra dimensions of playing and sonic manipulation, Love the feel, the sounds you can get - and that price."

MT Seaboard Block 560

The ROLI Seaboard Block picks up a further two awards this month with a stellar review in Music Tech magazine.  The Seaboard Block receives a 9 out of 10 overall rating plus the magazine’s ‘Choice and ‘Value’ accolades.

"I love Seaboard Block more as a great quality controller and something to maximise my use of the excellent Equator synth. It sits well on my desktop and is a brilliant interface between me and my DAW."

"So I'm perhaps more 'Seaboard' than 'Block' - more greying stubble than well-groomed facial hair - but I do like Seaboard Block a lot. It's solid, it's cheap, it brings those extra dimensions of touch, and can be a great central component of the Blocks DAW control setup. And with more developers going MPE - adding control functionality to their soft instruments which requires the extra dimensions to access them - this is easily the best way into that world of sonic manipulation."

The full review can be found in the December 2017 issue of MusicTech magazine on sale now.  The ROLI Seaboard Block is also available now priced at £279.95 RRP inc VAT.  For more information please click here.

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