ROLI have collaborated with FXpansion to release Cypher2, a powerful new software synthesiser. It features a huge set of expressive presets and advanced sound design tools.

Cypher2 is fully MPE compatible, meaning Seaboard & BLOCKS users can access a full set of modulators using ROLIs 5D touch. It's 'TransMod System' allows you to easily create links between parameters & expressive touch resulting in almost infinite sonic possibilities. It also comes ready to play, with over 500 MPE mapped presets already installed - the largest selection of MPE sounds in any software synth to date. Cypher2 operates in standalone mode & as a plugin instrument for your favourite DAW. It can be used with any standard MIDI controller, as well as those equipped with MPE.

“This project has been a true labour of love for the FXpansion team and ROLI’s veteran sound designers”, says Angus Hewlitt, founder of FXpansion and now VP Engineering at ROLI. “The expressive power of 5D MPE and the sonic fidelity of circuit modeled synthesizer components is a uniquely powerful combination: an advanced software synthesizer which responds to your playing like no other”.

Seaboard and BLOCKS creators can access special discounts on Cypher2 through their MyROLI account. Until the 7th September 2018, those with a MyROLI account can download Cypher2 for £64 - over 60% off regular price.

ROLI users: log-in at to access your discount 

Visit for more info and to download Cypher2