Update your app to start overdubbing, editing loop lengths and jamming through Ableton Link

Update NOISE to discover features that make it even more versatile — both for recording your musical ideas and for collaborating with others. NOISE 3.1 lets you change the length of loops, layer complex rhythms and melodies on each instrumental track, or jam along with other music creation apps via Ableton Link. Learn more about these exciting new features below:

Add more layers to rhythms and melodies with overdubbing
It’s now much easier to create complex rhythms or harmonies in NOISE through overdubbing. Build up each instrumental track by adding layers at your own pace. You no longer need to play intricate parts all at once.

Select a drum kit in NOISE, then tap to record a simple kick drum. Add a snare to the loop on your second recording, and throw in a hi-hat on the third. Keep building your track until it’s complete. Or select a melodic instrument and record different harmonic parts or countermelodies on the same track.

Overdubbing makes it possible to build up each instrumental track in this way, putting the power to create complex compositions with ease at your fingertips.

Vary your songs by changing the length of your loops
Loops in NOISE can now be one, two, four or eight bars long, so your songs can have more varied patterns than the previous four-bar standard allowed. Change the length of your loops under the new settings menu in NOISE.

You can also vary the length of the clip launching cue. You're now able to launch your NOISE loops at staggered intervals for more complex performances of your compositions.

Jam with friends via Ableton Link
Jam with other mobile music creators in real time by connecting NOISE to music-making apps via Ableton Link. Link connects to over 150 apps and software programs including iMaschine, KORG Gadget, and Ableton Live.

The tempo of your music automatically syncs with Link-compatible devices on the same local network, so you can play together on NOISE and other apps.

Activate Ableton Link under the new settings menu in NOISE. Find a full list of Ableton Link compatible software here.

Export your NOISE projects into Ableton Live straight from your mobile
You can now export your NOISE creations directly to Ableton Live — the popular digital audio workstation (DAW) — using Airdrop, iCloud or Dropbox. So it’s easier than ever to sketch musical ideas on-the-go with NOISE, then refine them on desktop with Ableton Live or Ableton Live Lite.

Export your NOISE project as a Live file. This means that audio from each loop in NOISE will load in Live, complete with the same clip locations, tempo and mix levels. So it’s easy to continue working on your project immediately in Ableton Live.